II. Signs

  1. Oblique Fracture of distal radius
    1. Dorsal rim of Distal Radius Fractured or dislocated
  2. Reverse of intraarticular Smith's Fracture

III. Management

  1. Open reduction and Internal fixation (ORIF) required
    1. Joint surface is involved

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Ontology: Barton's fracture (C0272646)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
ICD10 S52.56
SnomedCT 54645004
Dutch Barton's breuk, Barton; fractuur, fractuur; Barton
French Fracture de Barton
German Barton-Fraktur
Italian Frattura di Barton
Portuguese Fractura de Barton
Spanish Fractura de Barton, fractura de Barton (trastorno), fractura de Barton
Japanese バートン骨折, バートンコッセツ
Czech Bartonova zlomenina
English Barton fracture, fracture of radius distal end barton's, Barton's fracture of radius, Barton's fracture of radius (diagnosis), Barton's fracture, Barton's fracture (disorder), Barton; fracture, Barton, fracture; Barton
Hungarian Barton-törés