II. Definition

  1. Fracture-Dislocation carpo-Metacarpal joint
  2. Involves Thumb or Pinky finger

III. Signs

  1. Proximal dislocation of involved Metacarpal

IV. Management

  1. Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF)

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Ontology: Bennett's fracture (C0559411)

Definition (SCTSPA) Fractura y luxación del primer metacarpiano y la articulación carpometacarpiana
Definition (SNOMEDCT_US) Fracture and dislocation of the first metacarpal and the carpal-metacarpal joint
Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
ICD10 S62.21
SnomedCT 61653009, 157226005
English #-dis trapezo-metacarpal joint, Bennett fracture, bennett's fracture, bennett's fractures, fracture first metacarpal bone base bennett's, Bennett's fracture (diagnosis), Fracture dislocation of trapezometacarpal joint (disorder), Bennett's fracture, Bennett's fracture dislocation, Fracture dislocation of trapezometacarpal joint, Bennett's fracture (disorder), Bennett; fracture, Bennett, fracture; Bennett
Spanish fractura-luxación de articulación trapezometacarpiana, fractura-luxación de Bennet, fractura de Bennett, fractura de Bennett (trastorno)
Dutch Bennett; fractuur, fractuur; Bennett