II. Epidemiology

  1. Rare condition
  2. Age: Onset at age 2-8 years
  3. Gender: Boys affected 3-5 times more commonly than girls

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Unknown etiology
  2. Not associated with Trauma
  3. Avascular necrosis of Tarsal Navicular

IV. Symptoms

  1. Presents with midfoot pain and Pediatric Limp (favoring unaffected side)

V. Signs

  1. Local pain, tenderness, swelling over Tarsal Navicular

VI. Imaging: Foot XRay

  1. Flattening, sclerosis, fragmentation and irregularity of Tarsal Navicular

VII. Management

  1. Protect from excessive Trauma
  2. Rest
  3. Ice Therapy
  4. Short walking cast for 7-8 weeks

VIII. Prognosis

  1. Spontaneous recovery by rule
  2. Complete Navicular re-ossification in 2-3 years

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Ontology: Kohler disease (C0022765)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D055034 , D010007
SnomedCT 34359005
English Kohler's dis tarsal navicular, Kohler's disease of tarsal navicular, Osteochondritis of navicular, juvenile osteochondrosis of tarsal navicular (diagnosis), juvenile osteochondrosis of tarsal navicular, Koehler Disease, Koehler's Disease, KOEHLERS DIS, Koehlers Disease, Kohler's dis.(tarsal navicul.), KOEHLER DIS, Kohler's disease - osteochondrosis of tarsal navicular, Kohler disease, Navicular Osteochondrosis, Navicular Osteochondroses, Osteochondroses, Navicular, Osteochondrosis, Navicular, Juvenile osteochondrosis of tarsal navicular, Osteochondritis of the navicular, Juvenile osteochondrosis of tarsal navicular (disorder), Köhler's tarsal scaphoiditis, Köhler; navicular (tarsal) (osteochondrosis), navicular (tarsal); Köhler, navicular (tarsal); osteochondrosis (Köhler), navicular (tarsal); osteochondrosis, os naviculare; osteochondrosis (Köhler), osteochondrosis; Köhler, navicular (tarsal), osteochondrosis; navicular (tarsal) (Köhler), osteochondrosis; navicular (tarsal), Kohler's tarsal scaphoiditis, Osteochondrosis of tarsal navicular
Spanish Enfermedad de Koehler, osteocondrosis juvenil de hueso escafoides del tarso, osteocondrosis juvenil de hueso navicular del tarso, osteocondrosis juvenil del hueso navicular del tarso (trastorno), osteocondrosis juvenil del hueso escafoides del tarso, osteocondrosis juvenil del hueso navicular del tarso, osteocondrosis juvenil de hueso navicular del tarso (trastorno), escafoiditis tarsiana de Köhler
French Maladie de Köhler-Mouchet, Scaphoïdite tarsienne
Italian Malattia di Koehler
German Köhler-Krankheit
Portuguese Doença de Koehler
Czech Köhlerova nemoc
Norwegian Köhler-sykdom, Köhlers sykdom, Navikulær osteokondrose
Dutch Köhler; os naviculare (osteochondrose), os naviculare; osteochondrose (Köhler), osteochondrose; Köhler, os naviculare, osteochondrose; os naviculare (Köhler), osteochondrose; os naviculare, Syndroom van Köhler