Hypomania Diagnosis


Hypomania Diagnosis, Hypomanic Episode Diagnosis

  • Criteria
  • Major (all must be present)
  1. Persistent abnormally elevated or expansive mood
    1. May present as irritability in some cases
  2. Distinct period lasts at least 4 days
  3. Does not meet criteria for mixed disorder
  4. Not due to Mania Secondary Causes
  5. Functional change that uncharacteristic of the patient at baseline and one that is observable by others
  6. Symptoms are not severe enough to cause a marked Impairment of functioning
    1. Contrast with Mania Diagnosis
  • Criteria
  • Minor (3 or more present; 4 if mood is irritable instead of expansive) - same minor criteria as for Mania Diagnosis
  1. Inflated self esteem or grandiosity
  2. Decreased need for sleep
  3. Pressured speech or more talkative than usual
  4. Flight of ideas or racing thoughts
  5. Distractibility (derailed on irrelevant topics)
  6. Increased goal directed activity
  7. Excessive involvement in risky pleasurable activities
    1. Unrestrained shopping sprees
    2. Sexual indiscretions
    3. Foolish business investments
  • References
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