Drug Interaction


Drug Interaction, Food Interaction, Food-Drug Interactions

  • Types
  1. Pharmacokinetic (most common)
    1. Two drugs compete for the same mechanism of absorption, distribution, metabolism or excretion (ADME)
    2. Results in a change in one or both drugs concentration at the site of their action when both agents are taken
    3. Typically involves Cytochrome P450, UGT, P-Glycoprotein or OATP
    4. Often drug dosage changes and monitoring are sufficient for low to moderate risk interactions
  2. Pharmacodynamic
    1. One drug directly blocks or exacerbates another drugs activity without modifying drug concentrations
    2. Offending drug, typically must be stopped (drug dosage modifications typically do not resolve interaction)
  • Causes
  • Food Interactions
  • Causes
  • Common Serious Drug-Drug Interactions