Dysphagia Evaluation


Dysphagia Evaluation, Swallowing Exam, Dysphagia after Cerebrovascular Accident, Swallowing Evaluation after Stroke

  • Implications
  1. Dysphagia may occur in 55% of patients after CVA
  2. Silent aspiration occurs 40-70% of Dysphagia patients
  3. Risk of Aspiration Pneumonia and other complications
  • Predictors of Aspiration Risk after CVA
  1. Criteria
    1. Dysphonia
    2. Dysarthria
    3. Abnormal Gag Reflex
    4. Abnormal volitional cough (weak cough on command)
    5. Cough within 1 minute of water ingestion (5,10,20 cc)
    6. Voice changes after swallowing (5, 10, 20 cc)
  2. Interpretation
    1. One or less criteria: Mild or no Dysphagia
    2. Two or more criteria: Moderate to severe Dysphagia
  • Management for moderate to severe Dysphagia