Consent for Treating Minors


Consent for Treating Minors, Minor Consent to Medical Treatment, Parental Consent to Treat Minor Children, Consent for Emergency Services for Children, Parental Consent, Informed Consent By Minors

  • Indications
  • Guardian consent not needed
  1. Emergency with threat to life or limb (EMTALA)
  2. Right to treatment (state protected)
    1. Child Abuse
    2. Pregnancy
    3. Sexually Transmitted Disease
    4. Substance Abuse
    5. Outpatient mental health (in some states)
  3. Emancipated minor (state defined)
    1. Married
    2. Member of the Armed Services (e.g. Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard)
    3. Living independently and self-supporting (reportable case)
  • References
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