II. Indications

III. Protocol

  1. Obtain baseline Pulmonary Function Tests
  2. Perform Exercise
    1. Patient wears nose clip
    2. Reach 80-90 of maximal Heart Rate within 2 minutes
    3. Maintain increased Heart Rate for 8 minutes
    4. Test performed under constant conditions (humidity <50%, air Temperature 60 to 70 F or 20 to 25 C)
  3. Obtain post-exercise Pulmonary Function Tests
    1. Minute 1-3 post-Exercise
    2. Minute 5 post-Exercise
    3. Minute 10 post-Exercise
    4. Minute 15 post-Exercise
    5. Minute 20 post-Exercise
    6. Minute 30 post-Exercise
    7. Minute 45 post-Exercise

IV. Interpretation: Positive test criteria

  1. FEV1 or FVC declines 10% or more between any 2 consecutive points in the first 30 minutes post-Exercise

V. Diagnostics: Eucapnic Voluntary Hyperpnea

  1. Specialized lung function testing at designated centers (per International Olympic Committee)
  2. Indicated for olympic level athletes to be approved for Bronchodilator use prior to Exercise

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Ontology: Exercise testing to assess respiratory status (C0841558)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
ICD10 1848 , 11503-04
English Exercise testing to assess respiratory status

Ontology: Spirometry with exercise testing (C0842266)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
ICD10 11503-05
English Spirometry with exercise testing