II. Definition

  1. Apical Tumor of superior sulcus lung

III. Course

  1. Superior sulcus marked by subclavian artery
  2. Grows into thoracic outlet

IV. Signs

  1. Horner's Syndrome
  2. Supraclavicular fullness
  3. Venous distension
  4. Upper extremity edema
  5. Shoulder Pain and Muscle wasting (C8-T3)

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Ontology: Pancoast Tumor (C0549471)

Definition (MSH) A lung tumor located in the superior pulmonary sulcus.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A type of lung cancer that begins in the upper part of a lung and spreads to nearby tissues such as the ribs and vertebrae. Most Pancoast tumors are non-small cell cancers.
Definition (NCI) A malignant neoplasm originating from the apical lung. Most malignant superior sulcus neoplasms are bronchogenic carcinomas. This tumor may be associated with Pancoast syndrome. It is also known as Pancoast tumor.
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D010178
SnomedCT 154486000, 269562004, 254638002, 80367008
Italian Tumore di Pancoast
German Pancoast-Tumor, Pancoast Tumor
Japanese パンコースト腫瘍, パンコーストシュヨウ
English Pancoast tumor of lung, Pancoast tumor of lung (diagnosis), Pancoast Tumor, Tumor, Pancoast, Pancoast's tumor, Pancoast's tumour, pancoast tumors, pancoast's tumour, superior sulcus tumour, pancoast tumour, pancoast tumor, pancoast's tumor, superior sulcus tumor, Pancoast tumor, Pancoast tumour, Superior sulcus tumor, Superior sulcus tumour, Pancoast tumor (disorder), Pancoast; tumor, tumor; Pancoast, Malignant Superior Sulcus Lung Neoplasm, Malignant Superior Sulcus Lung Tumor, Malignant Superior Sulcus Neoplasm of Lung, Malignant Superior Sulcus Neoplasm of the Lung, Malignant Superior Sulcus Neoplasm, Malignant Superior Sulcus Tumor of Lung, Malignant Superior Sulcus Tumor of the Lung, Malignant Superior Sulcus Tumor, Pancoast's Tumor
French Tumeur de Pancoast, Tumeur de Pancoast-Tobias
Czech Pancoastův nádor, Pancoastův tumor
Hungarian Pancoast-daganat, Pancoast-tumor
Norwegian Pancoastsvulst, Pancoasts tumor
Dutch Pancoast; tumor, tumor; Pancoast, Pancoast-tumor
Spanish tumor de Pancoast, tumor del vértice pulmonar (trastorno), tumor del vértice pulmonar, Tumor de Pancoast
Portuguese Tumor de Pancoast