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This notebook is intended to aid primary care providers in their pursuit of optimal care, well-informed patients, and healthy families.


This site is derived from a peripheral brain collection of medical notes and is divided over 5700 topics within over 600 chapters and 31 subspecialty books. Information is gleaned from reputable sources, referenced where possible, taken from lectures and workshops, peer reviewed articles and bulletins, and key texts.

New approaches to medical problems are referenced with supporting studies, and further reading is often suggested on general medical issues. Images, sounds, worksheets, patient education materials, and links to other sites are interwoven with the text, at no extra charge. Peer review of this site would be a very welcome addition, but as of yet I rely on email feedback to correct errors and misinformation.


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I have tried with great fervor to limit errors, misinformation, and copyright infringement in the text. This is, however, no guarantee that the notebook is without fault.

Please exercise your own clinical judgment when implementing any management strategies found here. I would greatly appreciate feedback regarding any problems you discover on these pages. Please use this site only after reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions..

Site Generation

These medical notes began as a few scattered pearls of text stored with the Notetaker application of the HP Palmtop 200LX. Since 1995, notes from conferences, articles, textbooks and colleagues have accumulated to its current state.

As the collection of text grew, so did the complexity of its organization, and a program known as Brains was developed as a stand alone application for notetaking and for compilation of the website.

Brains is able to import raw text from the database, process the outlines, titles and synonyms, as well as images and links.

In its third iteration, Brains is written in C# with a SQL Server database and can ouput each of the site versions of html in 1-2 hours. This latest version also allows topics to be linked to the UMLS metathesaurus codes, and to be viewed on handheld devices.

Medical Images

Most images on the site I have created myself. Many of the anatomy images were created using the 3d models from Zyogote. Others use a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Poser software.

When images are used from other sources, they are clearly cited. These include the NIH Virtual Human project and MedPix

Gray's Anatomy 20th edition from 1918 (Lewis) is in the public domain following expiration of its patent. Scanned images of the plates are available online at both and Yahoo.

In 2012, I started an anatomy series using the Zygote 3D models. I will provide 2 sizes of these images: 800x600 and 4096x3112 (poster size). I have maintained a margin on poster size images, such that they can be printed at 8x10,16x20, and 20x30 inches without losing content when cropping. Costco prints a 20x30 image for about $8.

You may use these images freely for printing (e.g. classroom poster) as well as presentations (e.g. Powerpoint) as long as they are not re-sold or modified. Please credit as the source in presentations and please leave the logo on the poster. Although not required, I would appreciate your contacting me to let me know how you use these images and what new images or modifications you would like to see.

Webmasters must contact me to get approval for use of these images on their site. I will agree to use of images for reputable sites. I will decline use if you lack original content, sell snake oil, present a facade site to attract lawsuit clients or otherwise are planning to use images for less than well intentioned educational purposes. I will require a link to near each image you use from this site.

About the Author

The author of the Family Practice Notebook, is Scott Moses, MD, a board-certified Family Physician practicing in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.


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