Surgery Book


Wound Dressing for Transport

Aka: Wound Dressing for Transport
  1. Indications
    1. Temporary Wound Dressing if repair to be done elsewhere
    2. Example: Tendon Injury requiring orthopedic repair
  2. General
    1. Clean and irrigate wound first
    2. Consider suturing for temporary closure of wound
      1. Discuss with consultant at accepting facility
  3. Dressing
    1. Clean, irrigate, and blot dry wound
    2. Vaseline Gauze
    3. Gauze 4x4 soaked with saline (squeeze excess saline)
    4. Pad with additional gauze sponges
    5. Wrap with kerlix or kling dressing
    6. Apply cast padding
    7. Splint with plaster or fiberglass
  4. References
    1. Daniels (2004) Am Fam Physician 69(8):1949-56 [PubMed]

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