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Decompression Sickness

Aka: Decompression Sickness, Constitutional DCS
  1. See Also
    1. Neurologic Decompression Sickness
    2. Inner Ear Decompression Sickness
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Recreational Scuba Incidence: 1 per 5-10,000 dives
    2. No-Decompression dives account for 50% of DCS cases
  3. Predisposing factors
    1. Dive logistics
      1. Deeper dive profile
      2. Increased rate of ascent
    2. Hypothermia
    3. Fatigue
    4. Advanced age
    5. Dehydration
    6. Alcohol intake
    7. Female gender
    8. Obesity
    9. Patent Foramen Ovale
  4. Types of Decompression Sickness
    1. Type I Decompression Sickness (Constitutional DCS)
      1. Mild Fatigue or malaise
      2. Mild symptoms involving Muscles, joint and skin
    2. Type II Decompression Sickness (Severe)
      1. Inner Ear DCS
      2. Neurologic DCS
        1. Cerebral DCS (30-40%)
        2. Spinal Cord DCS (50-60%)
  5. Management
    1. See Decompression Sickness Management
  6. References
    1. Clenney (1996) Am Fam Physician 53(5):1761-6 [PubMed]
    2. Newton (2001) Am Fam Physician 63(11): 2211-2226 [PubMed]

Decompression Sickness (C0011119)

Definition (MSH) A condition occurring as a result of exposure to a rapid fall in ambient pressure. Gases, nitrogen in particular, come out of solution and form bubbles in body fluid and blood. These gas bubbles accumulate in joint spaces and the peripheral circulation impairing tissue oxygenation causing disorientation, severe pain, and potentially death.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D003665
ICD9 993.3
ICD10 T70.3
SnomedCT 363738004, 212955003, 157734000, 44016006, 212952000, 269425003, 89684003, 48620000
English Bends, Caisson Disease, Caisson Diseases, Decompression Sickness, Diseases, Caisson, Disease, Caisson, Sickness, Decompression, Caisson disease [decompression sickness], Effects of caisson disease [decompression sickness], CAISSON DIS, decompression sickness (diagnosis), decompression sickness, Compressed air disease NOS, Diver's palsy or paralysis, Decompression Sickness [Disease/Finding], bend, bending, choke, caissons disease, the bends, disease divers, choking, Caisson disease (disorder), Compressed air disease NOS (disorder), Caisson disease, Decompression sickness, Compressed-air disease, Divers' palsy, Divers' paralysis, Rapture of the deep syndrome, Compressed air disease, The bends, Bends (disorder), bends, caisson disease, caisson; disease, chokes, compressed air disease, compression; diver's squeeze, decompression; disease, disease (or disorder); caisson, disease (or disorder); compressed air, disease (or disorder); decompression, diver's palsy, paralysis or squeeze, diver's squeeze; compression, diver's; paralysis, aerobullosis, Caisson disease [Ambiguous], Divers' palsy or paralysis
Dutch caissonziekte, bends, aandoening; caisson, aandoening; decompressie, aandoening; perslucht, caisson; aandoening, compressie; duikersziekte, decompressie; aandoening, duiker; paralyse, duikersziekte; compressie, Caissonziekte [decompressieziekte], decompressieziekte, Caissonziekte, Decompressieziekte, Ziekte, decompressie-
French Douleurs art., musc. et osseuses au cours le la mal. des caissons, Accident de décompression, Mal de décompression, Maladie des caissons
German Luftdruckkrankheit, Caissonkrankheit [Dekompressionskrankheit], Caissonkrankheit, Dekompressionskrankheit, Druckluftkrankheit, Taucherkrankheit
Italian Malattia dei cassoni, MDD, Malattia da decompressione, Malattia di Caisson, Malattia del palombaro, Sindrome di Caisson, Sindrome da decompressione
Spanish Enfermedad de los buzos, Enfermedad de Caisson, enfermedad por aire comprimido, enfermedad de los cajones, enfermedad por descompresión, enfermedad de Caisson, enfermedad por descompresión (concepto no activo), enfermedad por descompresión (trastorno), enfermedad por aire comprimido, SAI (trastorno), enfermedad por aire comprimido, SAI, parálisis de los buzos (trastorno), parálisis de los buzos, síndrome de embriaguez de la profundidad, Enfermedad por descompresión, Apoplejía por Cambio de Presión, Enfermedad de Cajon Hidráulico, Enfermedad de Descompresión
Swedish Dykarsjuka
Japanese センカンビョウ, ケイソン病, 減圧症, 減圧痛, 潜函病, 減圧病, 潜水夫病, 潜水病
Czech dekompresní nemoc, Kesonová nemoc, Dekompresní nemoc, Choroba z dekomprese
Finnish Sukeltajantauti
Korean 잠함병(감압병)
Polish Choroba kesonowa, Choroba dekompresyjna
Hungarian Decompressiós betegség, Légembólia, Keszonbetegség
Norwegian Trykkfallsyke, Caissonarbeidersykdom, Dekompresjonssykdom, Dykkersyke
Portuguese Doença de descompressão, Doença da Descompressão, Mal dos Caixões, Mal-dos-Mergulhadores
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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