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Serum Cystatin C

Aka: Serum Cystatin C, Cystatin C, Cystatin 3, Gamma Trace, Post-gamma-globulin, Neuroendocrine Basic Polypeptide
  1. See Also
    1. Creatinine Clearance
    2. Chronic Kidney Disease
  2. Background
    1. Protein (120 Amino Acid) found in all human cells with a nucleus, as well as nearly all body fluids and tissues
  3. Indications
    1. Alternative to Serum Creatinine as a measure of GFR
      1. Consider when estimated GFR is decreased, with suspected False Positive test
      2. Abnormal GFR measurement with no known structural Kidney disease, CKD risk factors or albuminuria
  4. Contraindications (inaccurate Serum Cystatin-C)
    1. Acute Kidney Injury
    2. Inflammatory states
    3. Thyroid dysfunction
  5. Disadvantages
    1. May not be available at all facilities
  6. Resources
    1. National Kidney Foundation GFR Calculator
    2. Wikipedia
  7. References
    1. Stevens (2008) Am J Kidney Dis 51(3): 395-406 [PubMed]

Cystatin C measurement (C1619716)

Definition (NCI_CDISC) A measurement of the cystatin C in a biological specimen.
Definition (NCI) The determination of the amount of cystatin C present in a sample.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
CPT 82610
Dutch cystatine C
French Cystatine C
German Cystatin C
Italian Cistatina C
Portuguese Cistatina C
Spanish Cistatina C
Japanese シスタチンC, シスタチンC
English CYSTATIN C, Cystatin c, Cystatin C Measurement, Measurement of cystatin C, CYSTATC, Cystatin C, Cystatin C measurement
Czech Cystatin C
Hungarian Cisztatin C
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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