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Interventional Radiology Procedure

Aka: Interventional Radiology Procedure, Interventional Radiology, Intervention Radiology
  1. Defintions
    1. Imaging-Guided minimally invasive procedures
  2. Procedures: Venous
    1. Central Venous Access (venous catheters and subcutaneous ports)
      1. Fluoroscopy or Ultrasound guided
    2. Varicose Veins
      1. Endovenous laser or radiofrequency ablation are effective alternatives to surgical intervention
    3. Deep Vein Thrombosis
      1. Catheter-directed Thrombolysis may be considered in severe, extensive DVT
        1. Unclear if prevents significant Post-Thrombotic Syndrome
    4. Pulmonary Embolism
      1. Catheter-directed Thrombolysis in Massive Pulmonary Embolism
    5. Venous Thromboembolism with Anticoagulation contraindicated or refractory
      1. Endovascular IVC Filter placement (removed as soon as able)
  3. Procedures: Arterial
    1. Claudication (Peripheral Arterial Disease)
      1. Surgical revascularization is preferred in medication-refractory Peripheral Arterial Disease
      2. Angioplasty may be indicated in medication-refractory disease with limited Life Expectancy
    2. Acute Limb Ischemia
      1. Percutaneous Thrombolysis is an effective alternative to surgical thrombectomy
    3. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
      1. Endovascular aortic repair (fluoroscopy guided fabric and wire stent graft placement)
    4. Acute Hemorrhage
      1. Transarterial embolization indications
        1. Severe Postpartum Hemorrhage
        2. Pelvic Fracture
        3. Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding
        4. Hemoptysis
        5. Post-surgical Hemorrhage (e.g. orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery)
        6. Splenic Rupture
        7. Liver Laceration
  4. Procedures: Genitourinary
    1. Uterine Fibroids with Menorrhagia
      1. Uterine Fibroid embolization
    2. Scrotal Varicoceles with Orchialgia or Infertility
      1. Gonadal vein embolization
  5. Procedures: Diagnostic
    1. Abnormal fluid collection (e.g. abscess >3 cm, Pleural Effusion, Ascites)
      1. Image-Guided Percutaneous Drainage
    2. Lymph-Node, Salivary Gland or Thyroid Masses
      1. Ultrasound-Guided biopsy
    3. Deep Head and Neck Masses
      1. CT-Guided biopsy
    4. Solid organ Masses (e.g. Liver, Spleen, Kidney)
      1. CT or Ultrasound guided biopsy
  6. Procedures: Oncology
    1. Cancer treatment modalities
      1. Embolization (liver, renal cell, Bone Tumors)
      2. Percutaneous ablation (RCC, liver, lung tumors)
      3. Percutaneous drainage and stenting
  7. References
    1. Arnold (2019) Am Fam Physician 99(9):547-56 [PubMed]

Interventional radiology (C0034602)

Definition (NCI) The branch of radiology concerned with the use of radiation to treat disease.
Definition (MSH) Subspecialty of radiology that combines organ system radiography, catheter techniques and sectional imaging.
Concepts Biomedical Occupation or Discipline (T091)
MSH D015642
SnomedCT 408455009
English Interventional Radiology, Radiology, Interventional, Interventional radiology, INTERVENTIONAL RADIOL, RADIOL INTERVENTIONAL, radiology interventional, interventional radiology, Interventional radiology - speciality, Interventional radiology - specialty (qualifier value), Interventional radiology - specialty
Swedish Radiologi, interventionell
Czech radiologie intervenční
Finnish Toimenpideradiologia
Japanese インターベンショナルラジオロジー, 介入性放射線学, 介入性画像診断学, ラジオロジー-インターベンショナル
Polish Radiologia interwencyjna
Norwegian Intervensjonsradiologi
French Radiologie d'intervention, Radiologie interventionnelle
Spanish radiología intervencionista - especialidad (calificador), radiología intervencionista - especialidad, Radiología Intervencional
German Radiologie, Interventions-
Italian Radiologia interventistica
Dutch Interventieradiologie, Radiologie, interventie-
Portuguese Radiologia Intervencionista
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Interventional radiologic procedures (C0344093)

Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
SnomedCT 240917005
LNC LP57348-2
English Interventional Radiology Procedure, Interventional radiologic procedures, radiology interventional, Interventional radiology, Interventional radiology (procedure), interventional radiology
Spanish radiología intervencionista (procedimiento), radiología intervencionista
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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