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Conversion Disorder

Aka: Conversion Disorder
  1. See Also
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    3. Somatization Symptoms
    4. Somatization Management
    5. Somatoform Disorder Management Pitfalls
    6. Hypochondriasis
    7. Pain Disorder
    8. Somatization Disorder
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Onset between age 10 to 35 years
    2. Demographics
      1. More common in rural regions
      2. More common with lower socioeconomic resources
  3. Diagnosis: DSM-V Conversion Disorder
    1. Conversion Disorder is a subtype of Somatic Symptom Disorder
    2. At least one symptom altered voluntary motor or sensory function inconsistent with known condition
  4. Diagnosis: DSM-IV - Conversion Disorder
    1. Must meet criteria for a Somatoform Disorder
      1. Unexplained physical symptoms
      2. Not due to condition of Secondary Gain (Malingering or Factitious Disorder)
      3. Causes dysfunction
    2. Specific Conversion Disorder Criteria
      1. Single unexplained symptom
      2. Symptom related to voluntary motor or sensory functioning (pseudoneurologic)
        1. See Somatization Symptoms: Neurologic
  5. Signs
    1. Neurologic symptoms that cannot be explained by anatomic pathways
    2. Example: Hemiparesis with normal reflexes and Muscle tone
  6. References
    1. Oyama (2007) Am Fam Physician 76(9):1333-8 [PubMed]

Conversion disorder (C0009946)

Definition (MSH) A disorder whose predominant feature is a loss or alteration in physical functioning that suggests a physical disorder but that is actually a direct expression of a psychological conflict or need.
Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
MSH D003291
ICD9 300.11
ICD10 F44
SnomedCT 20734000, 89239005, 44376007
DSM4 300.11
English Conversion Disorder, Conversion Disorders, Conversion Hysterias, Conversion Reaction, Conversion Reactions, Hysteria, Conversion, Hysterias, Conversion, Reactions, Conversion, Conversion Hysterical Neurosis, Conversion reaction, HYSTERIA CONVERSION TYPE, Reaction, Conversion, CONVERSION DIS, hysterical conversion, conversion disorder, conversion disorder (diagnosis), Conversion hysteria, Hysteria conversion type, Conversion neurosis, Neurosis conversion, Reaction conversion, Conversion Disorder [Disease/Finding], reaction conversion, Disorder;conversion, conversion disorders, conversions disorder, hysteria, hysterical disorder, Conversion disorder (disorder), Hysterical neurosis, conversion type, Psychologic conversion disorder (finding), Psychologic conversion disorder, Conversion disorder, conversion hysteria, conversion reaction, conversion neurosis, conversion; neurosis, conversion; reaction, neurosis; conversion, reaction; conversion, Psychologic conversion disorder, NOS, Conversion disorder, NOS, Conversion Hysteria, Conversion Neurosis, Hysterical Neurosis (Conversion), Conversion hysteria or reaction
Spanish HISTERIA DE CONVERSION, Histeria de conversión, Reacción de conversión, Neurosis de conversión, trastorno psicológico de conversión, trastorno de conversión psicológica, trastorno de conversión psicológica (hallazgo), trastorno psicológico de conversión (hallazgo), trastorno de conversión (concepto no activo), neurosis histérica, de conversión, Globo Histérico, trastorno de conversión, Trastorno de conversión, Histeria de Conversión, Trastornos de Conversión
Italian Disturbo da conversione, Nevrosi di conversione, Isteria da conversione, Nevrosi da conversione, Isteria di conversione, Reazione di conversione, Disturbo di conversione
Dutch conversiereactie, neurose conversie, reactie conversie, conversieneurose, hysterie, conversietype, conversiehysterie, conversie; neurose, conversie; reactie, neurose; conversie, reactie; conversie, conversiestoornis, Astasieabasiesyndroom, Basostasofobie, Conversiehysterie, Conversiestoornis, Globussyndroom, Hysterie, conversie
German Neurose, Konversion, Reaktion, Konversion, Konversionsneurose, Konversionsreaktion, KONVERSIONSHYSTERIE, Konversionsstoerung, Konversionshysterie, Konversionsstörung
Portuguese Reacção de conversão, Histeria de conversão, Neurose de conversão, Histeria do tipo de conversão, HISTERIA DE CONVERSAO, Bolo Histérico, Globo Histérico, Perturbação de conversão, Histeria Conversiva, Transtorno Conversivo
Japanese 転換反応, 転換ヒステリー型神経症, 転換神経症, テンカンヒステリーガタシンケイショウ, テンカンシンケイショウ, テンカンガタヒステリー, テンカンヒステリー, テンカンセイショウガイ, テンカンハンノウ, 変換ヒステリー, 転換型ヒステリー, 失歩失行症, 転換ヒステリー, 失歩失行, 失立性歩行不能症, ヒステリー-転換, 失立失歩, ヒステリー球, 起立歩行不能症, 失立失歩症, 転換障害, 起立歩行不能, 転換性障害
Swedish Konversionsstörning
Finnish Konversiohäiriö
French HYSTERIE DE CONVERSION, Névrose de type conversion, Hystérie de conversion, Réaction de conversion, Trouble de conversion
Czech Konverzní porucha, Konverzní reakce, Konverzní hysterie, Reakce konverzní, Konverzní neuróza, Neuróza konverzní, Konverzní typ hysterie, konverze - poruchy, konverzní poruchy, konverzní hysterie
Polish Astazja-abazja, Histeria konwersyjna, Reakcje konwersyjne, Zaburzenia konwersyjne, Objawy konwersyjne
Hungarian Conversiós reakció, Conversiós típusú hysteria, Neurózis conversiós, Conversiós neurózis, Conversiós zavar, Conversiós hysteria
Norwegian Dissosiativ forstyrrelse, Konversjonshysteri, Konversjonsforstyrrelse
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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