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Cocaine Abuse in Pregnancy

Aka: Cocaine Abuse in Pregnancy
  1. See Also
    1. Chemical Dependency
    2. Substance Abuse Evaluation
    3. Substance Abuse in Pregnancy
  2. Epidemiology: Cocaine use in Pregnancy (Minneapolis)
    1. Public hospitals: 7.25%
    2. Public/Private hospitals: 1%
    3. Private hospitals: 0.5%
    4. Lifetime use by survey: 14%
  3. Adverse Effects: Fetal effects
    1. Placental insufficiency from Vasoconstriction
    2. Vascular accidents (in utero)
      1. Intracranial Hemorrhage
      2. Myelomeningocele
      3. Genitourinary anomaly
      4. Limb reduction anomaly
      5. Intestinal or Ileal atresia
      6. Gastroschisis
  4. Adverse Effects: Perinatal effects
    1. Preterm Labor and delivery
      1. Increases Uterine Contractions
      2. Risk of Illness associated with preterm delivery
        1. Necrotizing Enterocolitis
        2. Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    2. Intrauterine Growth Retardation
    3. Spontaneous Abortion
    4. Placental Abruption
    5. Placental insufficiency
    6. Premature Rupture of Membranes
    7. Intrauterine death
    8. Precipitous delivery
  5. Adverse Effects: Neonatal effects
    1. Abnormal growth patterns
    2. Neurobehavioral abnormalities
    3. Impaired regulation of respiration and arousal
      1. Higher Incidence of SIDS Deaths
    4. Adverse Effects of preterm birth
  6. Management
    1. See Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

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