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Health Maintenance

Aka: Health Maintenance
  1. Prevention: Children and Teens
    1. See Health Maintenance in Adolescents
    2. See Health Maintenance in Children
    3. See Injury Prevention in Children
  2. Prevention: Adults
    1. See Health Maintenance in Adults
    2. See Health Maintenance in Men
    3. See Health Maintenance in Women
    4. See Preconception Counseling
    5. See Health Care for Adults with Developmental Delay
    6. See Post-ICU Ambulatory Care
    7. See Contraception
    8. See Osteoporosis Prevention
    9. See Preventive Health Care of Men Who Have Sex With Men
    10. See Preventive Health Care of Women Who Have Sex With Women
    11. See Healthcare of the Incarcerated Patient
  3. Prevention: Older Adults
    1. See Health Concerns in the Elderly
    2. See Nursing Home Care
    3. See Fall Prevention in the Elderly
    4. See Advance Care Planning
  4. Prevention: Immigrants and Displaced
    1. See Immigrant Child
    2. See Immigration Health Exam
    3. See Health Care of the Homeless
  5. Prevention: Occupational Health and Sports Medicine
    1. See DOT Examination
    2. See College Student Medical Care
    3. See Adolescent Athlete
    4. See Sports Physical
    5. See Sports Participation in Pregnancy
    6. See Sports Performance Supplement
  6. Prevention: Cancer Prevention
    1. See Cancer Prevention
    2. See Melanoma Prevention
    3. See Breast Cancer Screening
    4. See Cervical Cancer Screening
    5. See Colorectal Cancer Screening
    6. See Lung Cancer Screening CT Chest
    7. See Prostate Cancer Screening
  7. Prevention: Primary Prevention
    1. See Oral Health
    2. See Oral Health in Children
  8. Prevention: Secondary and Tertiary Prevention
    1. See Cardiac Risk Management
    2. See Prevention of Ischemic Stroke
    3. See Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus Complications
    4. See Prevention of Kidney Disease Progression
    5. See Prevention of Liver Disease Progression
    6. See Cancer Survivor Care
  9. Prevention: Exposure Specific
    1. See Prevention of Vector-borne Infection
    2. See Heat Illness Prevention
    3. See Prevention of Foodborne Illness
    4. See Prevention of Waterborne Illness
  10. Prevention: Medications
    1. See Prescription Safety
    2. See Polypharmacy
    3. See Medication Use in the Elderly
    4. See Herbal Remedy
  11. Prevention: Nutrition
    1. See Nutrition Guidelines
    2. See Mediterranean Diet
    3. See Nutrition for Athletes
    4. See Nutrition in Pregnancy
    5. See Neonatal Nutrition
    6. See Nutrition in Toddlers
    7. See Nutrition for Athletes
    8. See Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus
  12. Prevention: Mental Health
    1. See Sleep Hygiene
    2. See Tobacco Cessation
    3. See Chemical Dependency
    4. See Major Depression
    5. See Adolescent Depression
    6. See Depression Counseling
    7. See Depression in Athletes
    8. See Depression in Cancer
    9. See Depression in Children
    10. See Depression in Dementia
    11. See Depression in Older Adults
    12. See Depression in Pregnancy
    13. See End-of-Life Depression

Health maintenance (C0262500)

Concepts Health Care Activity (T058)
Italian Mantenimento routinario della salute
Japanese 日常的健康維持, ニチジョウテキケンコウイジ
Czech Běžná zdravotní prevence
English rhm, health maintainence, healthcare maintenance, hm, hcm, health care maintenance, hms, Routine health maintenance, Health maintenance, health maintenance
Hungarian Egészségmegőrzés
Portuguese Exame médico de rotina
Spanish Examen periódico de rutina
Dutch routine gezondheidsonderhoud
French Examen de santé de routine
German Routinegesundheitsvorsorge
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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