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Noisy Breathing Causes

Aka: Noisy Breathing Causes
  1. Types
    1. Snurgles
    2. Gurgles
    3. Expiratory Wheezes
    4. Inspiratory Stridor
  2. Causes: Common Examples
    1. Lymphoid Hyperplasia
    2. Croup
    3. Epiglottitis
  3. Causes: Less Common Examples
    1. Vascular Ring
    2. Aspiration of foreign body
    3. Habit cough or Habit Snuffle
    4. Neurologic abnormalities
      1. High pitched cry
        1. Associated with Increased Intracranial Pressure
      2. Cat's Cry Syndrome
        1. Associated with 5p Chromosome deletion
    5. Neonatal Cretinism (Hypothyroidism)
      1. Rare given universal Newborn Screening
      2. Hoarse cry
  4. References
    1. GJ Fruthaler (1988) Cont Peds 42-46

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