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Aka: Leg Anatomy, Lower Extremity Anatomy

Lower Extremity (C0023216)

Definition (MSHCZE) Oblast dolní končetiny u živočichů sahající od HÝŽDĚ až po chodidlo (NOHA) včetně, patří sem i KYČLE a BÉREC.
Definition (SCTSPA) Extremidad inferior, incluidos la cadera, el muslo, la pierna, el tobillo y el pie
Definition (SNOMEDCT_US) Lower extremity, including hip, thigh, leg, ankle, and foot
Definition (NCI_CDISC) The limb that is composed of the hip, thigh, leg and foot. (NCI)
Definition (NCI_CDISC) The posterior limb of an animal. (NCI)
Definition (NCI) The posterior limb of an animal.
Definition (NCI) The limb that is composed of the hip, thigh, leg and foot.
Definition (MSH) The region of the lower limb in animals, extending from the gluteal region to the FOOT, and including the BUTTOCKS; HIP; and LEG.
Concepts Body Location or Region (T029)
MSH D035002
SnomedCT 61685007, 116013008
LNC LP29948-4, MTHU011970, LA18112-5
English Lower Extremities, Extremities, Lower, Extremity, Lower, Lower Extremity, LL - Lower limb, Membrum inferius, Inferior member, Hindlimb, Hind limb, Structure of lower extremity, unspecified, Structure of lower extremity, Hind Limb, lower limb, hind limb, lower extremity, lower extremities, lower limbs, legs and feet, Rear quarter, Hindquarter, Limb, Lower, Limbs, Lower, Lower Limb, Lower Limbs, HINDLIMB, LIMB, LOWER, Extremity-lower, Lower extremity, Lower limb, Lower limb structure, Lower extremity structure, Lower limb structure (body structure), Hindlimb, NOS, Lower extremity, NOS, Lower limb, NOS, Leg
Swedish Nedre extremitet
Czech dolní končetina, dolní končetiny, končetina zadní
Finnish Alaraaja
Italian Arto inferiore, Membrum inferius, Estremità inferiore
Japanese 脚, 脚(アシ), 下肢
Latvian Ekstremitāte, apakšējā, Apakšējā ekstremitāte
Polish Kończyna dolna, Kończyny dolne
Norwegian Underekstremitet, Membrum inferius
Spanish Extremidades Inferiores, Miembros Inferiores, extremidad inferior, estructura del miembro inferior (estructura corporal), estructura del miembro inferior, miembro inferior, estructura de la extremidad inferior, Extremidad Inferior, Miembro Inferior
Portuguese Membros Inferiores, Extremidades Inferiores, Região da Extremidade Inferior, Extremidade Inferior, Membro Inferior
French Membre inférieur, Membrum inferius
German Extremität, untere, Untere Extremität
Dutch Onderste extremiteit, Extremiteit, onderste
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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