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Arm Anatomy

Aka: Arm Anatomy, Upper Extremity Anatomy

Upper Extremity (C1140618)

Definition (SCTSPA) Extremidad superior, incluido el hombro, el brazo, el antebrazo, la muñeca y la mano
Definition (SNOMEDCT_US) Upper extremity, including shoulder, arm, forearm, wrist, and hand
Definition (NCI_CDISC) The region of the body that includes the arm, the forearm, and hand. (NCI)
Definition (NCI) The region of the body that includes the arm, the forearm, and hand.
Definition (MSH) The region of the upper limb in animals, extending from the deltoid region to the HAND, and including the ARM; AXILLA; and SHOULDER.
Definition (CSP) part of the upper extremity between the shoulder and wrist; includes forearm and upper arm.
Concepts Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component (T023)
MSH D034941
SnomedCT 53120007
LNC LP29957-5, MTHU011974, LA18113-3
English Upper Extremities, Extremities, Upper, Extremity, Upper, Upper Extremity, arm, Arm region, Membrum superius, UL - Upper limb, Superior member, Fore limb, Forelimb, Structure of upper extremity, Structure of upper extremity, unspecified, upper limbs, upper extremity, upper extremities, upper limb, Limbs, Upper, Upper Limb, Upper Limbs, Limb, Upper, LIMB, UPPER, FORELIMB, Extremity-upper, Upper extremity, Upper limb, Upper limb structure, Upper limb structure (body structure), Forelimb, NOS, Upper extremity, NOS, Upper limb, NOS, Arm
Swedish Övre extremiteten
Polish Kończyna górna
Spanish Miembro Torácico, Extremidades Superiores, Miembros Superiores, Miembros Torácicos, extremidad superior, estructura de la extremidad superior (estructura corporal), estructura de la extremidad superior, miembro superior, brazo, Extremidad Superior, Miembro Superior
Dutch Bovenste extremiteit, Extremiteit, bovenste
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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