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Breast Pump

Aka: Breast Pump, Manual Breast Pump, Battery-powered Breast Pump, Electric-diaphragm Breast Pump, Hospital-grade Electric Piston Breast Pump, Electric-piston Breast Pump, Breast Milk Storage
  1. Mechanism
    1. Suction pressure
      1. Infant suction pressure: 50 to 220 mm Hg
      2. Pump suction pressure: 150 to 220 mm Hg
    2. Suction frequency
      1. Infant suction frequency: 40 to 126 sucks/minute
    3. Higher Prolactin levels produce more milk
      1. Double pumping stimulates highest Prolactin level
      2. If single pumping, then switch sides q5 minutes
  2. Types: Pump
    1. Less expensive pumps (less than $100)
      1. Indications
        1. Mothers not working outside the home
        2. Mothers occasionally separated from infant
        3. Working mother with infant >6 months
      2. Pumps
        1. Manual Breast Pump
        2. Battery-powered Breast Pump
    2. Moderately priced pumps (less than $160)
      1. Indications
        1. Working mother with infant >6 months
      2. Pumps
        1. Electric-diaphragm Breast Pump
    3. Expensive pumps ($170 to $800)
      1. Indications
        1. Working mother of infant at any age
        2. Decreased milk supply or nipple soreness
      2. Pumps
        1. Hospital-grade Electric Piston Breast Pump
          1. May be rented for $40 to $60 per month
        2. Electric-piston Breast Pump (Up to $300)
          1. Most commonly used pump for working mothers
  3. Milk storage: Safe guidelines
    1. Memory aid: 4-4-4
      1. Use within 4 hours on counter, 4 days in refrigerator, 4 months in freezer
    2. Storage containers
      1. Clean plastic bags or bottles or
      2. Clean glass bottles
    3. Room Temperature (up to 77 degrees F): 4-8 hours
    4. Portable ice chest: 24 hours
    5. Refrigerator: 3-8 days (store at back of unit)
      1. OSHA approves storage in employee refrigerators
    6. Freezer compartment in refrigerator-freezer: 3-6 months
      1. La Leche recommends only 2 weeks
    7. Freezer Chest (-4 degrees F): 12 months
  4. Technique: Using stored milk
    1. Thawing milk
      1. Thaw in refrigerator or
      2. Thaw in bag or bottle immersed in warm water
      3. Do not thaw Breast Milk in the microwave
    2. Do not refreeze thawed milk
    3. Use thawed milk within 2 days
    4. Shake milk to re-emulsify fat before serving
  5. Resources
    1. General
      1. See Lactation Resources
      2. Pumping Mom's Information Exchange
        1. http://www.pumpingmoms.org
    2. Pump Suppliers
      1. Medela
        1. http://www.medela.com
      2. Bailey Med
        1. http://www.baileymed.com
      3. Babies R US
        1. http://www.babiesrus.com
  6. References
    1. Biagioli (2003) Am Fam Physician 68:2201-17 [PubMed]
    2. Slusser (2001) Pediatr Clin North Am 48:505-16 [PubMed]
    3. Tully (2000) J Hum Lact 16:149-51 [PubMed]
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Application of breast pump (C0204788)

Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D061186
SnomedCT 2382000
English breast pump, breast pump (treatment), Application of breast pump, Breast Pumping, Breast Pumpings, Pumpings, Breast, Pumping, Breast, Application of manual or electric breast pump, Breast pumping, Application of breast pump (procedure)
French Tirage du lait maternel, Aspiration du lait maternel
Czech mléko mateřské - odsávání
Italian Aspirazione di latte dal seno con tiralatte
German Muttermilch, abpumpen
Norwegian Brystpumping
Spanish aplicación de sacaleche manual o eléctrico (procedimiento), aplicación de sacaleche manual o eléctrico, sacaleche, aplicación de
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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