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Teenage Pregnancy

Aka: Teenage Pregnancy
  1. United States has very high rate of Teenage Pregnancy
    1. United States has highest Western teen pregnancy rate
      1. Non-White Teenage Pregnancy rate is twice white rate
      2. Incidence: 1 million teenage pregnancies per year
    2. Age 18 years: 24% have been pregnant once or more
      1. Live birth: 47%
      2. Elective Termination of Pregnancy: 40%
      3. Spontaneous Abortion: 13%
    3. Societal costs are high
      1. Teenage Pregnancy (1989): $21.55 Billion
        1. AFDC: 50%
        2. Food stamps: 35%
        3. Medicaid: 15%
  2. Increasing rate of teenage sexual activity
    1. Age 15 year old unmarried girls surveyed
      1. 1982: Sexually active (Intercourse) in 19%
      2. 1988: Sexually active (Intercourse) in 27%
      3. 1990: Sexually active (Intercourse) in 48%
    2. Age 15 year old unmarried boys surveyed
      1. 1990: Sexually active (Intercourse) in 61%
  3. Inadequate Contraception use
    1. Majority of teenage pregnancies are unplanned
    2. Inconsistent Condom usage
      1. First intercourse: 50% of teenagers use Condoms
      2. Most recent intercourse: 78% Condom usage
    3. Teens conceive on OCP twice as often as adults
    4. Teens have poorer Maternal and Baby Health Outcomes
      1. Later Prenatal Care
      2. Poor nutrition
      3. Other lifestyle

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