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Pleural Tuberculosis

Aka: Pleural Tuberculosis

Pleural Tuberculosis (C0041326)

Definition (MSH) Tuberculosis of the serous membrane lining the thoracic cavity and surrounding the lungs.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D014396
ICD9 012.00, 012.0
ICD10 A15.6
SnomedCT 186182003, 68706009, 186186000, 186183008, 171699006
English Pleural Tuberculoses, Pleurisies, Tuberculous, Pleurisy, Tuberculous, Tuberculoses, Pleural, Tuberculosis, Pleural, Tuberculous Pleurisies, Tuberculous Pleurisy, Tuberculous pleurisy NOS, Tuberculous pleurisy, unspecified examination, Tuberculosis of Pleura, Tuberculous Pleuritis, Tuberculous pleuritis, TUBERCULOUS PLEURISY, tuberculosis of pleura (diagnosis), tuberculosis of pleura, pleural tuberculosis, TB of pleura, pleurisy, tb, TB pleurisy-unspec, Tuberculosis, Pleural [Disease/Finding], Tuberculous pleurisy, unspecified, tuberculosis pleural, tb pleura, pleura tuberculosis, tuberculous pleuritis, Pleurisy;tuberculous, tb pleurisy, Tuberculous pleurisy NOS (disorder), Tuberculous pleuritis (disorder), Pleura--Tuberculosis, Tuberculous pleurisy, Tuberculosis of pleura, Tuberculosis of pleura (disorder), pleura; tuberculous, pleurisy; tuberculous, tuberculosis; pleura, tuberculosis; pleurisy, Pearly disease, Tuberculosis of pleura (disorder) [Ambiguous], tuberculous pleurisy, Pleural Tuberculosis
Italian Pleurite tubercolare, Tubercolosi della pleura, Pleurite tubercolare, esame non specificato, Tubercolosi pleurica
Spanish pleuritis tuberculosa, Pleuresía tuberculosa, estudio no especificado, TB de pleura, tuberculosis de la pleura (trastorno), enfermedad nacarada, tuberculosis perlada (trastorno), pleuresía tuberculosa, SAI, tuberculosis perlada, pleuritis tuberculosa, SAI (trastorno), pleuritis tuberculosa (trastorno), tuberculosis de la pleura, pleuritis tuberculosa, SAI, pleuresía tuberculosa, tuberculosis de la pleura (concepto no activo), tuberculosis de pleura (trastorno), tuberculosis de pleura, Pleuresía tuberculosa, Pleuresía Tuberculosa, Tuberculosis Pleural
Dutch tuberculeuze pleuritis, niet-gespecificeerd onderzoek, TBC van pleura, pleura; tuberculose, pleuritis; tuberculeus, tuberculose; pleura, tuberculose; pleuritis, tuberculeuze pleuritis, Pleurale tuberculose, Pleuratuberculose, Tuberculose, pleurale
French TB de la plèvre, Pleurésie tuberculeuse, examen non précisé, Pleurésie tuberculeuse, Tuberculose pleurale, Tuberculose de la plèvre
German TB der Pleura, tuberkuloese Pleuritis, unspezifische Untersuchung, tuberkuloese Pleuritis, Pleuratuberkulose, Pleuritis tuberculosa, Tuberkulose, Pleura-, Brustfelltuberkulose
Portuguese TB da pleura, Pleurisia tuberculosa exame NE, Pleurisia tuberculosa, Pleurisia Tuberculosa, Tuberculose Pleural
Japanese 結核性胸膜炎、検査の詳細不明, キョウマクケッカク, ケッカクセイキョウマクエン, ケッカクセイキョウマクエンケンサノショウサイフメイ, 結核-胸膜, 胸膜炎-結核性, 結核-肋膜, 結核性胸膜炎, 肋膜結核, 胸膜結核
Swedish Lungsäcktuberkulos
Czech tuberkulóza pleury, TBC pohrudnice, Tuberkulóza pohrudnice, Tuberkulózní pleuritida, blíže neurčené vyšetření
Finnish Keuhkopussin tuberkuloosi
Polish Gruźlica opłucnej, Zapalenie opłucnej gruźlicze, Gruźlicze zapalenie opłucnej
Hungarian tuberculoticus pleuritis, Pleura TBC-je, tuberculoticus pleuritis, nem meghatározott vizsgálat
Norwegian Pleuratuberkulose, Tuberkuløs pleuritt, Brysthinnetuberkulose
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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