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Tuberculous Peritonitis

Aka: Tuberculous Peritonitis, Peritonitis due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  1. Risk Factors
    1. HIV Infection
    2. Cirrhosis
    3. Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
  2. Pathophysiology
    1. Results from peritoneal Tuberculosis reactivation
  3. Symptoms
    1. Abdominal Pain
    2. Fever
  4. Signs
    1. Ascites
  5. Laboratory: Peritoneal fluid
    1. Exudative: Serum to Ascites albumin <1.1 g/dl
    2. White Blood Cells >150/mm3 with Lymphocyte predominance
    3. Send fluid for AFB smear and culture
      1. One liter is preferred to increase Test Sensitivity
    4. Measures with highest sensitivity and Specificity
      1. Adenosine deaminase >33 U/L
      2. Peritoneal biopsy
  6. Management
    1. See Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

Peritonitis, Tuberculous (C0041325)

Definition (MSH) A form of PERITONITIS seen in patients with TUBERCULOSIS, characterized by lesion either as a miliary form or as a pelvic mass on the peritoneal surfaces. Most patients have ASCITES, abdominal swelling, ABDOMINAL PAIN, and other systemic symptoms such as FEVER; WEIGHT LOSS; and ANEMIA.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D014395
ICD9 014.0
ICD10 K67.3, A18.31
SnomedCT 31838005, 197170002, 44572005
English Peritoneal Tuberculosis, Tuberculous Peritonitis, TUBERCULOUS PERITONITIS, peritonitis tuberculous, tuberculosis of peritoneum (diagnosis), peritonitis tuberculous (diagnosis), tuberculosis of peritoneum, peritoneal tuberculosis, tuberculous peritonitis, peritonitis, tb, Peritonitis, Tuberculous [Disease/Finding], tb peritonitis, tuberculosis peritoneal, peritonitis tb, peritoneum tuberculosis, Tuberculosis of peritoneum (disorder), Peritoneal tuberculosis, Tuberculous peritonitis, Tuberculosis of peritoneum, Peritonitis - tuberculous, Tuberculous peritonitis (disorder), peritoneum; tuberculous (etiology), peritoneum; tuberculous (manifestation), peritoneum; tuberculous peritonitis (etiology), peritoneum; tuberculous peritonitis (manifestation), peritonitis; tuberculous (etiology), peritonitis; tuberculous (manifestation), tuberculosis; peritoneum (etiology), tuberculosis; peritoneum (manifestation), Tuberculosis of peritoneum -RETIRED-, Tuberculosis, Peritoneal, Peritonitis, Tuberculous
Dutch tuberculeuze peritonitis, peritoneum; tuberculose: peritonitis, peritoneum; tuberculose, peritonitis; tuberculeus, tuberculose; peritoneum, Peritonitis bij tuberculose, peritoneale tuberculose, Peritoneale tuberculose, Peritonitis, tuberculeuze, Tuberculose, peritoneale
German tuberkuloese Peritonitis, Tuberkuloese Peritonitis, peritoneale Tuberkulose, Peritonealtuberkulose, Tuberkulose, peritoneale, Bauchfelltuberkulose, Peritonitis, tuberkulöse
Italian Peritonite tubercolare, Tubercolosi peritoneale
Portuguese Peritonite tuberculosa, Tuberculose periotoneal, Peritonite Tuberculosa, Tuberculose Peritoneal
Spanish Peritonitis tuberculosa, tuberculosis peritoneal, tuberculosis del peritoneo - RETIRADO -, tuberculosis del peritoneo - RETIRADO - (concepto no activo), peritonitis tuberculosa (trastorno), peritonitis tuberculosa, tuberculosis del peritoneo, Tuberculosis peritoneal, Peritonitis Tuberculosa, Tuberculosis Peritoneal
Swedish Peritonit, tuberkulös
Japanese ケッカクセイフクマクエン, 結核-腹膜, 結核性腹膜炎, 腹膜結核, 腹膜炎-結核性
Czech peritonitida tuberkulózní, tuberkulóza peritonea, Tuberkulózní peritonitida, Tuberkulóza pobřišnice
Finnish Tuberkuloottinen vatsakalvotulehdus
Korean 결핵성 복막염
Polish Zapalenie otrzewnej gruźlicze, Gruźlica otrzewnej
Hungarian peritonealis tuberculosis, tuberculoticus peritonitis
Norwegian Tuberkuløs peritonitt
French Péritonite tuberculeuse, Tuberculose péritonéale, Tuberculose du péritoine
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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