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Lawyer and Grass Joke

Aka: Lawyer and Grass Joke

A lawyer riding in his limousine one day, suddenly spotted two men eating grass on the side of the roadway. Never having seen men graze before, he told his chauffeur to stop the car. On speaking with the 2 men, the lawyer learned that they ate the grass because they were too poor to buy food. The lawyer then encouraged the two men to accompany him in his limousine to his home. The two men were overjoyed by the lawyer's kind offer, but they told the lawyer that they were unable to come because they could not leave their families behind. The lawyer, without hesitating, invited both men's families to come with him to his home. Each family piled into the limousine, and they proceeded to the home. Along the way, one of the men turned to the lawyer, thanking him over and over for taking again their poor families into his home. The lawyer turned to the man, saying "Oh, that's no trouble at all. The grass at my house is twice as tall as that old field.

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