Gynecology Book


Female Condom

Aka: Female Condom
  1. Description
    1. Polyurethane device placed in vagina
    2. Acts as barrier method of Contraception
  2. Disadvantages
    1. Woman must be comfortable placing something in vagina
      1. Insertion may be difficult
    2. Penis must be introduced into Condom
      1. Avoids placing penis between Condom and vagina
    3. May make a noise when walking or during sex
  3. Complications
    1. Infection if left in vagina for long time
    2. Urinary Tract Infection increased risk
    3. Changes vaginal flora
  4. Problem Management
    1. Remove immediately after intercourse (do not reuse)
    2. Insert up to 8 hours prior to intercourse
    3. Do not use with Male Condom
      1. Friction occurs between two Condoms
      2. Oil-based lubricant can damage Condom
    4. Spermicide can be added for additional protection

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