Ophthalmology Book


Red Eye in Children

Aka: Red Eye in Children, Pediatric Red Eye
  1. See Also
    1. Red Eye
  2. Indications: Immediate clinical evaluation
    1. Redness of entire Eyelid or swollen Eyelid
      1. Assess for Periorbital Cellulitis
      2. Assess for acute Ethmoiditis
    2. Associated Eye Pain or constant eye tearing, blinking
      1. Assess for Corneal Ulcer
      2. Assess for Herpes Simplex VirusKeratitis
      3. Assess for Eye Foreign Body
    3. Blurred Vision
      1. Assess for Uveitis
  3. Indications: Acute clinical evaluation in 1 day
    1. Infant under age 1 month
      1. Assess for Inclusion body blennorrhea
      2. Assess for Gonorrhea
    2. Persistent Eye Redness longer than 1 week
  4. Causes: Common causes of Red Eye in Children
    1. Upper Respiratory Infection
    2. Viral Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
    3. Irritant Conjunctivitis
      1. Smog
      2. Chlorinated pool
    4. Bacterial Conjunctivitis
  5. Management
    1. Treat Bacterial Conjunctivitis if suspected
    2. Wash eyes with warm water every 1-2 hours while awake
      1. Use warm water on fresh cotton ball
      2. Avoid touching globe with cotton ball
      3. Prevents Bacterial superinfection
    3. No eye drops needed unless Irritant Conjunctivitis
    4. DO not rub eyes (remind children age >2 years)
  6. Indications: Call back clinic
    1. Yellow or green Eye Discharge
    2. Eyelids matted together with pus
    3. Eyelids red or swollen
    4. Eye Redness lasts longer than 1 week
    5. Vision change occurs

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