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Exercise in Obesity

Aka: Exercise in Obesity, Obesity Management with Exercise
  1. See Also
    1. Obesity Management
    2. Exercise
  2. General
    1. Choose activities that use large Muscle groups
    2. Maximize total Energy Expenditure
    3. Goal: Exercise at least 30-45 minutes/day,5-7 days/week
      1. Start slowly by committing to 5 minutes per day
      2. Increase in 5 minute increments every 1-2 weeks
      3. May split activity into 10 minute increments
    4. Aerobic intensity
      1. Identify maximum Heart Rate (220-age)
      2. Maintain Heart Rate in goal range during Exercise
        1. Initial Heart Rate goal: 40-60% of maximum
        2. Long-term Heart Rate goal: 50-75% of maximum
      3. As fitness improves, Exercise efficiency improves
        1. Greater Exercise performed at same Heart Rate
        2. May result in weight loss plateau
        3. Respond with increased duration or intensity
        4. Weight maintenance requires Exercise
          1. 60 minutes of moderate Exercise daily
          2. 20-30 minutes of vigorous Exercise daily
      4. Example
        1. Forty year old calculated maximum Heart Rate: 180
        2. Starts with Heart Rate goal up to 110 (60%)
        3. Work up to Heart Rate goal of 135 (75%)
        4. Initially might walk at normal pace to reach target
        5. As fitness improves, brisk walk needed for target
  3. Precautions
    1. Prevent hyperthermia
      1. Stay hydrated for Exercise
      2. Do not over-dress
    2. Avoid overuse and repetitive motion injury
      1. Cross-train with variety of activites
      2. Avoid high-impact activities (e.g. Running)
  4. References
    1. Whaley (2006) ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise

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