Endocrinology Book


Familial Short Stature

Aka: Familial Short Stature
  1. Signs
    1. Short parents
    2. Normal birth history and gestational weight
    3. Short Stature
      1. Normal Linear Growth Velocity for age
      2. Bone Age consistent with Chronological age
    4. Normal age for the onset of Puberty
    5. Absence of organic or psychologic disease

Familial short stature (C2316649)

Concepts Organism Attribute (T032)
SnomedCT 432526008
English Familial short stature, Familial short stature (finding), Genetic short stature
Spanish estatura baja familiar, estatura baja congénita, estatura baja familiar (hallazgo)
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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