Endocrinology Book


Sitting Height

Aka: Sitting Height, Truncal Height
  1. Indications
    1. Growth Velocity to determine growth spurt
    2. Used in Scoliosis assessment
    3. Alternative to the Upper to Lower Segment Ratio in Growth Delay evaluation
  2. Technique
    1. Measure standing height
    2. Measure Sitting Height
      1. Measure height in standard chair
    3. Determine Truncal Height (upper segment height)
      1. Subtract height of seat from Sitting Height
    4. Determine leg height (lower segment height)
      1. Subtract Truncal Height (upper segment height) from standing height
  3. Interpretation: Scoliosis
    1. Measure every 3-4 months during expected growth spurt
  4. Interpretation: Growth Delay Evaluation
    1. Use truncal to leg heights calculated above in the Upper to Lower Segment Ratio calculation
    2. This may be more accurate than the method described in Upper to Lower Segment Ratio

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