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Motor Vehicle Accident

Aka: Motor Vehicle Accident, MVA, Single Car Accident, Pedestrian Injury
  1. See Also
    1. ABC Management (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
    2. Primary Trauma Evaluation
    3. Secondary Trauma Evaluation
    4. Pediatric Trauma
    5. Emergency Procedure
    6. Trauma Team Activation (TTA)
    7. Trauma Triage in the Field
    8. Trauma Center
    9. Hemorrhagic Shock
    10. Fluid Resuscitation in Trauma
    11. Emergency Decision Cycle (OODA Loop, AAADA Model)
  2. Causes: Single Car Accident (6 S's Mnemonic)
    1. Seizure
    2. Syncope
    3. Sugar (Hypoglycemia)
    4. Suicide
    5. Sleep
    6. Sauce (Alcohol Intoxication)
  3. Mechanism: Frontal Impact MVA
    1. Signs at accident scene
      1. Bent steering wheel
      2. Knee impact on dash
      3. Bull's-eye impression in windshield
    2. Associated Injuries
      1. Cervical Spine Fracture
      2. Anterior Flail Chest
      3. Myocardial Contusion
      4. Pneumothorax
      5. Traumatic Aortic Rupture or transection
      6. Spleen or liver Fracture
      7. Hip or Knee Dislocation
  4. Mechanism: Side Impact MVA
    1. Contralateral neck sprain
    2. Cervical Spine Fracture
    3. Pneumothorax
    4. Lateral Flail Chest
    5. Spleen or Liver Fracture
    6. Traumatic Aortic Rupture
    7. Diaphragmatic Rupture
    8. Pelvic Fracture or acetabulum Fracture
  5. Mechanism: Rear Impact MVA
    1. Cervical Spine Injury
  6. Mechanism: Ejection from Vehicle
    1. Significantly increased risk of multiple injury
    2. Significantly increased mortality
  7. Mechanism: Motor vehicle-pedestrian: Injury triad
    1. Step 1: Bumper impact
      1. Lower extremity Fracture
    2. Step 2: Hood or Windscreen impact
      1. Thoracic or Abdominal Injury
    3. Step 3: Ground impact
      1. Head Injury
  8. Associated Conditions
    1. Seat Belt Sign
    2. Seat Belt Fracture
  9. Prevention
    1. See Automobile Safety
    2. See Adult Safety Belt
    3. See Child Safety Seat
  10. References
    1. (2012) ATLS Manual, 9th ed, American College of Surgeons

Motor vehicle accident (C2939181)

Concepts Event (T051)
ICD9 E810-E819.9
ICD10 V89.2
SnomedCT 269760005, 214137007, 214639006, 157809007, 214031005, 127348004, 418399005
English MVTA - Motor veh traffic acc, Motor vehicle collision NOS, Motor vehicle traffic accident NOS, Motor vehicle traffic acid.NOS, car/truck accident, Motor-vehicle accident [MVA] NOS, Motor vehicle accident, Accident;motor vehicle, RTA - motor vehicle, Motor vehicle collision NOS (event), Motor vehicle traffic accident NOS (event), MVTA - Motor vehicle traffic accident, Motor vehicle traffic accident, MVA - Motor vehicle accident, MVA, MOTOR VEHICLE TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS, motor vehicle accident, Motor vehicle collision NOS (finding), Motor vehicle traffic accident (finding), Motor vehicle traffic accident NOS (finding), Motor vehicle accident (event), Motor vehicle traffic accident (event)
Spanish accidente de tránsito de vehículo de motor (evento), accidente de vehículo de motor, accidente vehicular (evento), accidente vehicular, Accidente de vehiculo a motor, accidente de tránsito de vehículo de motor (hallazgo), colisión de vehículo con motor, SAI (hallazgo), accidente de tránsito de vehículo con motor, SAI (hallazgo), accidente de tránsito de vehículo con motor, SAI, colisión de vehículo con motor, SAI (evento), accidente de tránsito de vehículo con motor, SAI (evento), colisión de vehículo con motor, SAI, accidente de tránsito de vehículo de motor
Dutch motorongeluk
French Accident d'automobile
German Motorfahrzeugunfall
Italian Incidente con motoveicolo
Portuguese Acidente de veículo motorizado
Japanese 自動車事故, ジドウシャジコ
Czech Nehoda motorového vozidla
Hungarian Gépjármű baleset
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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