Emergency Medicine Book


Childlife Specialist Measures to Calm Children

Aka: Childlife Specialist Measures to Calm Children
  1. Technique: Coping methods
    1. Desensitization (e.g. child allowed to pretend with IV catheter tubing, applying it to their stuffed animal)
    2. Metaphors (e.g. XRay and MRI are big cameras that take pictures and make noise)
    3. Step-by-step walk through of what's to come
      1. The doctor will start at your head, and look in your ears and then your nose
      2. We will walk down the hall to the elevator, then go through the surgery waiting area...
    4. Shown pictures of Ambulance before their transport
  2. Technique: Distraction
    1. Ask about their pets, school, playtime
    2. Blowing bubbles (can also be used to teach diaphragmatic breathing for relaxation)
    3. Light spinners or pin-wheels
    4. Children videos on a computer tablet (e.g. IPad)
    5. "I Spy" games
    6. Play children's music during procedures
  3. References
    1. Lin and Beckler in Herbert (2016) EM:Rap 16(6):7-8

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