Emergency Medicine Book


Sport Concussion Assessment Tool

Aka: Sport Concussion Assessment Tool, SCAT2
  1. Indications
    1. Sideline Concussion evaluation in age over 10 years
  2. Advantages
    1. Most comprehensive Concussion sideline assessment tool
    2. Widely used
  3. Disadvantages
    1. Not validated
  4. Components
    1. Physical Signs (2 points)
      1. No loss of consciousness
      2. No balance problem or unsteadiness
    2. Concussion Symptom Checklist (22 points)
    3. Glasgow Coma Scale (15 points)
    4. Maddocks Score (5 points)
    5. Balance Error Scoring System (30 points)
    6. Finger-to-Nose Test (1 point)
    7. Standard Assessment of Concussion (30 points total)
      1. Orientation (5 points)
      2. Immediate Memory (15 points)
      3. Concentration (5 points)
      4. Delayed Recall (5 points)
  5. Resources
    1. Sport Concussion Assessment Tool ( SCAT2)
      1. http://www.cces.ca/en/files-116

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