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Neurotic Excoriation

Aka: Neurotic Excoriation, Psychogenic Excoriation, Dermatotillomania, Compulsive Skin Picking
  1. Symptoms
    1. Pruritus (intense at times)
      1. Itching awakens person from sound sleep
      2. Scabies and Rhus Dermatitis prevent getting to sleep
    2. Patient digs at skin
      1. Digs to relieve itch
      2. Digs to extract imaginary embedded materials in skin
    3. Rash
      1. Rash does not appear until after scratching starts
      2. Rash may appear spontaneously
  2. Signs
    1. Often in localized areas within reach of hand
      1. Occiput and Neck
      2. Shoulders
      3. Forearms
      4. Shins
      5. Spares middle of back
    2. Characteristics
      1. Linear excoriations, scabs and scars
      2. Scattered ulcerations
  3. Differential Diagnosis
    1. See Pruritus Causes
    2. Substance Use Disorder (esp. Cocaine, Methamphetamine) are common causes of Compulsive Skin Picking
    3. Other psychogenic skin disorders
      1. Neurodermatitis
      2. Delusions of Parasitosis
      3. Trichotillomania
      4. Dermatitis Artifacta
        1. Excoriation in patient who denies scratching
  4. Complications
    1. Lichen Simplex Chronicus
    2. Prurigo Nodularis
    3. Impetigo
  5. Associated Conditions
    1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  6. Management
    1. Similar management to Neurodermatitis
    2. See Pruritus Management
    3. Frequent application of Skin Lubricants
      1. Replaces the habit of scratching
    4. Bedtime Antihistamines
      1. Doxepin (Sinequan) 10 to 30 mg qhs
    5. Topical antipruritics
      1. Zonalon (topical doxepin)
        1. Risk of drowsiness if widespread use
        2. Risk of contact allergy
      2. Menthol and Phenol (Sarna lotion)
      3. Pramoxine (PrameGel, Pramosone)
    6. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI)
      1. Very effective in Pruritus of Neurotic Excoriation
      2. Effect immediate and independent of Antidepressant
    7. Olanzapine (Zyprexa) has been used with some success
      1. Blanch (2004) Br J Derm 151:714-5 [PubMed]
    8. Consider mental health counseling
    9. Topical Corticosteroids
      1. Indicated for inflammatory dermatitis
  7. References
    1. Habif (1996) Clinical Dermatology, Mosby, p. 72
    2. Cyr (2001) Am Fam Physician 64(12):1981-4 [PubMed]
    3. Tennyson (2001) Dermatol Clin 19(1):179-97 [PubMed]

Factitious skin disease (C1274184)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 698.4
ICD10 L98.1
SnomedCT 156384004, 27720003, 402736003
English Factitial dermatitis, Dermatitis factitia (artefacta), neurotic excoriation (diagnosis), dermatitis factitia, neurotic excoriation, dermatitis factitia (diagnosis), dermatitis artefacta, Dermatitis;factitial, factitial dermatitis, excoriations neurotic, dermatitis artifacta, dermatitis ficta, Dermatitis artefacta (disorder), Dermatitis factitia, Dermatitis artefacta, Dermatitis ficta, Neurotic excoriation, Dermatitis simulata, Factitious dermatitis, Feigned dermatitis, Simulated dermatitis, DA - Dermatitis artefacta, Dermatitis factitia (disorder), Factitious skin disease (disorder), Factitious skin disease, dermatitis; artefacta, dermatitis; factitia, excoriation; neurosis, excoriation; neurotic, factitia; dermatitis, neurosis; excoriation, neurotic; excoriation, artefacta; dermatitis, Dermatitis factitia [artefacta]
Italian Dermatite artefatta, Patomimia cutanea o dermatite artefatta
Dutch dermatitis factitia (artefacten), artefacta; dermatitis, dermatitis; artefacta, dermatitis; factitia, excoriatie; neurose, excoriatie; neurotisch, factitia; dermatitis, neurose; excoriatie, neurotisch; excoriatie, Dermatitis factitia, dermatitis artefacta
German Dermatitis factitia (artefacta), Dermatitis factitia, Dermatitis artefacta
Portuguese Dermatite factícia (artefacta), Dermatite artefacta
Spanish Dermatitis facticia (artefacta), dermatitis facta, dermatitis facticia (trastorno), dermatitis facticia, dermatitis ficticia, dermatitis provocada, enfermedad cutánea facticia (trastorno), enfermedad cutánea facticia, excoriación neurótica, Dermatitis ficticia
Japanese 人工皮膚炎, ジンコウヒフエン
Czech Arteficiální dermatitida
Korean 인공피부염
Hungarian Dermatitis artefacta, Dermatitis factitia (artefacta)
French Dermatite factice
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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