Dermatology Book


Sun Damaged Skin

Aka: Sun Damaged Skin, Photodamaged skin, Aging Skin
  1. Prevention
    1. Sunscreen
      1. SPF 15 daily, starting in childhood
      2. SPF 30 during spring and summer
    2. Tobacco Cessation
  2. Topical Agents
    1. Tretinoin (Retinoic Acid, Vitamin A Acid, Retin A)
      1. Start: 0.025% Cream 1-2 times per week qhs
      2. See Retin A for adverse effects
        1. Must wear Sunscreen qd
    2. Alpha-Hydroxy acids (Lac-Hydrin 12%) or Urea 3-6%
  3. Other Adjuncts
    1. Estrogen Replacement Therapy
    2. Topical Estrogen
    3. Antioxidants
      1. Vitamin C (questionable efficacy)
      2. Vitamin E
  4. Advanced Methods
    1. Chemical Peels
    2. Derm Abrasion
    3. Laser Abrasion

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