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Aka: Trismus, Lockjaw
  1. Definition
    1. Spasm of the Masticatory Muscles resulting in jaw forcefully held closed
  2. Causes: Localized Muscle spasm
    1. Trigeminal Neuralgia
    2. Dermatomyositis involving the face
    3. Temporomandibular JointOsteoarthritis
    4. Impacted third molar
  3. Causes: Generalized Muscle spasm
    1. Infection
      1. Tetanus
      2. Trichinosis
      3. Typhoid Fever
      4. Rabies
      5. Cholera
      6. Sepsis
      7. Encephalitis
    2. Miscellaneous
      1. Tetany
      2. Seizure Disorder
      3. Psychiatric causes

Trismus (C0041105)

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by lack of ability to open the mouth fully due to a decrease in the range of motion of the muscles of mastication.
Definition (NCI) Lack of ability to open the mouth fully due to decreased range of motion of the muscles of mastication. It may be a symptom of tetanus.
Definition (MSH) Spasmodic contraction of the masseter muscle resulting in forceful jaw closure. This may be seen with a variety of diseases, including TETANUS, as a complication of radiation therapy, trauma, or in association with neoplastic conditions.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D014313
SnomedCT 235108006, 206809007, 163644005, 87866006
French TRISMUS, Spasme de la mâchoire, Trismus
English TRISMUS, [D] Trismus, jaw spasms, jaw spasms (trismus), jaw spasms (symptom), trismus, Jaw spasm, Trismus [Disease/Finding], jaw spasm, Trismus (disorder), Trismus (finding), Trismus
Spanish TRISMO, Espasmo mandibular, trismus, trismus (trastorno), trismo (hallazgo), trismo, Trismo
Dutch kaakspasme, trismus, Klem, Trismus
German Kieferspasmus, KIEFERSPERRE, Kiefersperre, Trismus, Kieferklemme, Bißsperre
Italian Spasmo della mandibola, Trisma
Portuguese Espasmo da mandíbula, TRISMUS, Trismo
Japanese 下顎攣縮, カイコウショウガイ, 開口障害, 咬痙, トリスムス, 牙関緊急, カガクレンシュク
Swedish Gapsvårighet
Czech trismus, Trismus, Spasmus čelisti
Finnish Leukalukko
Polish Szczękościsk, Skurcz mięśni żwaczy toniczny
Hungarian Állkapocs görcse, Trismus
Norwegian Trismus
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Lockjaw (C0343495)

Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D014313
SnomedCT 76902006, 240432006
French TRISMUS, Trismus
English LOCKJAW, Lock Jaw, jaw lock, jaw locked, jaw locking, jaw locks, lock jaw, lockjaw, Tetanus with trismus, Tetanus with trismus (disorder), Lockjaw
Portuguese TRISMO, Trismo
Dutch kaakklem, Kaakklem
German Kiefersperre, Tetanische Kiefersperre
Italian Trisma, Mandibola serrata, Mascella serrata
Japanese 牙関緊急, ゲカンキンキュウ, ガカンキンキュウ
Spanish Trismus, trismo, tétanos con trismo (trastorno), tétanos con trismo, tétanos con trismus (trastorno), tétanos con trismus
Czech Zablokovaná čelist
Hungarian Szájzár
Norwegian Låst kjeve, Kjevesperre
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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