II. Evaluation

III. Management

  1. Careful inspection for other injury
  2. Cold packs
  3. Referral if any questions of greater injury

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Ontology: Black eye (C1442861)

Concepts Finding (T033)
ICD9 921.0
ICD10 S00.1
SnomedCT 367423000, 211480005, 317986001, 30350002, 21839005
English Black eye NOS, black eyes, blacks eye, black eye, eye black, Black eye, NOS, Black eye, not otherwise specified, Black eye NOS (disorder), Black eye
Czech Oční podlitina, blíže neurčená, Oční podlitina
Dutch blauw oog, blauw oog, niet anders gespecificeerd
French Contusion oculaire, non classée ailleurs, Oeil au beurre noir
German blaues Auge, nicht anderweitig spezifiziert, blaues Auge
Hungarian Pápaszem-haematoma, másként nem meghatározott, Pápaszem-haematoma
Italian Ecchimosi oculare, non altrimenti specificata, Occhio nero
Japanese ガンケンヒカシュッケツNOS, 眼瞼皮下出血NOS, ガンケンヒカシュッケツ, 眼瞼皮下出血
Portuguese Olho negro, Olho negro NE
Spanish Ojo morado, no especificado de otra manera, Contusión ocular, hematoma periorbitario, SAI (trastorno), hematoma periorbitario, SAI, ojo morado, SAI, ojo negro, SAI (trastorno), ojo negro, SAI