II. Causes

III. Mnemonic: Prostitute's Pupil

  1. Accommodates, but does not react
  2. Images
    1. EyePupillaryReactionNeuroPath.png
    2. EyePupillaryReaction.png

IV. Signs

  1. Pupil Constriction on accommodation
    1. Normal or exaggerated
  2. Pupillary light reaction sluggish
    1. Weak or absent constriction to light
    2. Constriction not improved after dark adaptation
    3. Fails to dilate after painful stimulation elsewhere
  3. Unequal Pupils
  4. Irregular pupils
  5. Pupil Constriction (Miosis)

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Ontology: Argyll-Robertson pupil (finding) (C0234668)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 267749005, 155204008, 4129001
Italian Pupille di Argyll-Robertson, Pupilla di Argyll Robertson
Dutch pupil van Argyll Robertson, fenomeen; Argyll Robertson, pupil; Argyll Robertson, Argyll-Robertson pupillen
French Pupille d'Argyll Robertson, Pupilles d'Argyll-Robertson
German Argyll-Robertson-Pupille, Argyll-Roberton Zeichen
Portuguese Pupila de Argyll Robertson, Pupilas de Argyll-Robertson
Spanish Pupila de Argyll Robertson, pupila de Argyll - Robertson (hallazgo), pupila de Argyll - Robertson, Pupilas de Argyll-Robertson
Japanese アーガイルロバートソン瞳孔, アーガイルロバートソンドウコウ
English Argyll-Robertson pupil (finding), Argyll Robertson pupil (small, react to convergence only), Argyll Robertson pupil (physical finding), Argyll Robertson pupil, the pupil was small and reacted to convergence only, Argyll-Robertson pupils, Pupil Argyll Robertson, argyll pupils robertson, argyll-robertson pupil, argyll robertson pupil, Argyll-Robertson pupil, Argyll Robertson (etiology), Argyll Robertson (manifestation), phenomenon; Argyll Robertson (etiology), phenomenon; Argyll Robertson (manifestation), pupil; Argyll Robertson (etiology), pupil; Argyll Robertson (manifestation)
Czech Argyll-Robertsonovy zornice, Argyll Robertsonova zornice
Hungarian Argyll Robertson pupilla, Argyll-Robertson-pupillák