II. Indication: Dry Eye evaluation

III. Technique

  1. Do not use Topical Anesthetic for test
  2. Strip of filter paper placed inside lateral canthus
  3. Folded at palpebral margin and draped below eye

IV. Interpretation: Positive Test

  1. Filter paper remains dry
    1. Less than 5 mm of wetting after 5 minutes or
    2. Less than 10 mm of wetting after 15 minutes
  2. Suggests diagnosis of Sjogren's Syndrome

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Ontology: Schirmer tear test procedure (C0200152)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
SnomedCT 164742009, 71564003, 141911004
LNC LP32270-8
Italian Test di Schirmer, Test della carta assorbente di Schirmer
Dutch Schirmer-blotting paper test, Schirmer-test
German Schirmertest mit Filterpapier, Schirmer-Test
Portuguese Prova do papel mata-borrão de Schirmer, Exame de Schirmer
Spanish Prueba de papel secante de Schirmer, prueba de Schirmer (procedimiento), prueba de Schirmer, prueba de producción de lágrimas, prueba del ojo seco, prueba del ojo xeroftálmico, Prueba de Schirmer
Japanese シルマーテスト, シルマー試験紙テスト, シルマーテスト, シルマーシケンシテスト
Czech Schirmerův test, Schirmerův test se savým papírem
English Schirmer test, schirmer's test, schirmer tearing test, schirmer tear tests, Schirmer tear test procedure, Schirmer's blotting paper test, Schirmer tear test (procedure), Schirmer tear test, Dry eye test, Lacrimal test, Schirmer's test, Schirmer's test (procedure)
Hungarian Schirmer vizsgálat, Schirmer itatós papír vizsgálat
French Test de Schirmer