II. Equipment

  1. Suction Force: 80-120 mm Hg
  2. Suction Catheter
    1. Rigid Wide-bore Yankauer catheter (Tonsil tips)
    2. Sizing
      1. Infant and small child (<14 kg): 8 French
      2. Child and small adult: 10 French
      3. Adult: 12 French
  3. Pediatric Magill forceps
    1. Used to directly remove foreign bodies in Trauma

III. Technique

  1. Always monitor Heart Rate when suctioning
    1. Risk of Bradycardia from Vagal Stimulation
  2. Do not suction while inserting catheter
    1. Occlude side of catheter only while withdrawing
  3. Endotracheal Tube suctioning
    1. Gently insert suction only 1-2 cm beyond ET end
    2. Suction only while withdrawing catheter
      1. Rotate the catheter while withdrawing
    3. Do not suction for >5 seconds per attempt
    4. Give 100% oxygen before and after suctioning

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Ontology: Airway suction technique (C0459504)

Definition (NIC) Removal of airway secretions by inserting a suction catheter into the patient's oral airway and/or trachea
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
SnomedCT 230040009
English Airway Suctioning, airway suction, airway suctioning, Airway suction technique, Airway suctioning, Airway suction technique (procedure)
Spanish técnica de succión de vía aérea (procedimiento), técnica de succión de vía aérea