II. Epidemiology

  1. Occurs in summer months (may be epidemic)
  2. Preschool children and their siblings

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Fecal-oral transmission

IV. Etiology

  1. Coxsackie Virus
  2. Echovirus

VI. Signs

  1. Non-toxic appearance
  2. Multiple small 1-2 mm Vesicle or ulcers
    1. Soft Palate, posterior pharynx, Tonsillar Pillars and uvula
    2. Spares the anterior pharynx
    3. Contrast Hand Foot and Mouth Disease which spares the posterior pharynx
  3. No skin lesions
    1. Unlike Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

VII. Differential Diagnosis

  1. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
    1. Vesicles in anterior pharynx, sparing posterior pharynx
  2. Aphthous Ulcer
  3. Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis
    1. External Vesicles are only seen with HSV (not with Herpangina or Hand Foot and Mouth Disease)

VIII. Course

  1. Illness of 1 week duration with rare complication

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Ontology: Herpangina (C0019338)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D006557
ICD9 074.0
ICD10 B08.5
SnomedCT 37428001, 154358007, 266197009, 186659004, 274102007
English Herpangina, Herpanginas, Enteroviral vesic pharyngitis, coxsackie group A virus herpangina, herpangina due to group A coxsackie virus (diagnosis), herpangina due to group A coxsackie virus, Herpangina [Disease/Finding], aphthous pharyngitis, herpangina, Enteroviral vesicular pharyngitis (disorder), Enteroviral vesicular pharyngitis, Vesicular pharyngitis, Herpangina (disorder), Vesicular pharyngitis (disorder), coxsackievirus; pharyngitis, enteroviral vesicular; pharyngitis, infection; pharynx, Coxsackievirus, pharyngitis; aphthous, pharyngitis; coxsackievirus, pharyngitis; enteroviral vesicular, pharyngitis; vesicular, vesicular; pharyngitis, aphthous; pharyngitis, Enteroviral vesicular pharyngitis (disorder) [Ambiguous]
Italian Herpangina, Faringite vescicolare, Angina da herpes
Japanese ヘルパンギーナ, ヘルパンギーナ, 水疱性咽頭炎, スイホウセイイントウエン
Swedish Herpangina
Czech herpangína, Vezikulární faryngitida, Herpangína
Finnish Herpangiina
Spanish Faringitis vesicular, faringitis vesicular enteroviral (trastorno), faringitis vesicular (trastorno), faringitis vesicular enteroviral (concepto no activo), faringitis vesicular enteroviral, faringitis vesicular, herpangina (trastorno), herpangina, Herpangina
Dutch vesiculaire faryngitis, Coxsackie-virus; faryngitis, aphthosa; faryngitis, enteroviraal vesiculeus; faryngitis, faryngitis; Coxsackie-virus, faryngitis; aphthosa, faryngitis; enteroviraal vesiculeus, faryngitis; vesiculeus, infectie; farynx, Cocksackie-virus, vesiculeus; faryngitis, Vesiculeuze faryngitis door enterovirus, herpangina, Angina herpetica, Herpangina
German vesikulaere Pharyngitis, Vesikulaere Pharyngitis durch Enteroviren, Angina herpetica, Herpangina
Korean 엔테로바이러스 소수포 인두염
Portuguese Faringite vesicular, Angina herpética, Herpangina
French Pharyngite vésiculaire, Angine pustuleuse, Herpangine, Pharyngite vésiculeuse
Polish Herpangina
Hungarian Vesicularis pharyngitis, herpangina
Norwegian Herpangina, Vesikulær faryngitt som skyldes enterovirus