II. Signs

  1. Pronounced, intractable middle ear pathology
    1. Thickened Tympanic Membrane
    2. Tympanic Membrane calcific white patches
    3. Perforated Tympanic Membrane
  2. Ear discharge (Otorrhea)

III. Etiologies

IV. Management

  1. Topical or Systemic antibiotics to clear infection
  2. Surgical correction of Tympanic Membrane defect

V. Complications: Infectious

  1. Labyrinthitis
  2. Meningitis
  3. Extradural abscess
  4. Subdural Empyema
  5. Otogenic abscess
  6. Lateral sinus Thrombophlebitis

VI. Complications: General

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Ontology: Chronic otitis media (C0271441)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD10 H66.9
SnomedCT 21186006
Italian Otite media cronica, Otite media cronica NAS
Dutch otitis media chronisch NAO, Chronische otitis media, otitis; media, chronisch, otitis media chronisch
French Otite moyenne chronique SAI, Otite moyenne chronique
German Otitis media chronisch NNB, chronische Otitis media
Portuguese Otite média crónica NE, Otite média crónica
Spanish Otitis media crónica NEOM, otitis media crónica (trastorno), otitis media crónica, Otitis media crónica
Japanese 慢性中耳炎NOS, 慢性中耳炎, マンセイチュウジエン, マンセイチュウジエンNOS
English chronic otitis media (diagnosis), chronic otitis media, Otitis media chronic NOS, Chronic otitis media NOS, chronic otitis media nos, otitis media chronic, Otitis media;chronic, chronic media otitis, Otitis media, chronic, Otitis media chronic, Chronic otitis media, Chronic otitis media (disorder), otitis; media, chronic, Chronic otitis media, NOS
Czech Chronická otitis media, Chronická otitis media NOS
Hungarian chronicus otitis media, chronicus otitis media k.m.n.

Ontology: Chronic purulent otitis media (C0271454)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 382.3
ICD10 H66.3
SnomedCT 232253005, 194284006, 155228005, 38394007
English Unspecified chronic suppurative otitis media, CSOM, CSOM - Chron supp otitis media, Chronic supp.otitis media NOS, CNSOM with effusion, purulent, Chr secretory ot med -purulent, Chron ot med with eff-purulent, chronic suppurative otitis media (diagnosis), chronic suppurative otitis media, Chronic non-suppurativ otitis media with effusion - purulent, Otitis media suppurative chronic, Otitis media suppurative chronic NOS, Chr sup otitis media NOS, Chronic suppurative otitis media NOS, chronic media otitis suppurative, Chronic suppurative otitis media NOS (disorder), Chronic suppurative otitis media (disorder), Chronic suppurative otitis media, Chronic purulent otitis media, CSOM - Chronic suppurative otitis media, Chronic otitis media with effusion, purulent, Chronic secretory otitis media, purulent, Chronic non-suppurative otitis media with effusion - purulent, Chronic purulent otitis media (disorder), otitis; media, chronic, suppurative, Otitis media;suppurative;chron
Dutch niet-gespecificeerde chronische etterende otitis media, chronische etterende otitis media, etterende otitis media chronisch NAO, otitis media etterend chronisch, otitis; media, chronisch, etterig
French Otite moyenne suppurée chronique, Otite moyenne suppurée chronique SAI, Otite moyenne chronique suppurée non précisée
German chronische eitrige Otitis media, Otitis media eitrig chronisch NNB, Otitis media eitrig chronisch, unspezifische chronische eitrige Otitis media
Italian Otite media suppurativa cronica, Otite media suppurativa cronica NAS, Otite media cronica suppurativa non specificata
Portuguese Otite média purulenta crónica NE, Otite média purulenta crónica, Otite média supurativa crónica NE
Spanish Otitis media crónica supurativa, Otitis media purulenta crónica NEOM, Otitis media supurativa crónica, Otitis media supurativa crónica no especificada, otitis media crónica supurativa, SAI (trastorno), otitis media crónica supurativa, SAI, otitis media crónica purulenta (trastorno), otitis media crónica purulenta, otitis media crónica supurativa
Japanese 詳細不明の慢性化膿性中耳炎, 慢性化膿性中耳炎, 慢性化膿性中耳炎NOS, マンセイカノウセイチュウジエン, ショウサイフメイノマンセイカノウセイチュウジエン, マンセイカノウセイチュウジエンNOS
Czech Chronická hnisavá otitis media, Chronická hnisavá otitis media NOS, Blíže neurčená chronická hnisavá otitis media
Hungarian Otitis media suppurativa chronica, nem meghatározott chronicus suppurativ otitis media, Otitis media, suppurativ, chronicus k.m.n., chronicus suppurativ otitis media