II. Precautions

  1. Blood Glucose will typically increase with Systemic Corticosteroids
    1. Glucose may also increase to a lesser extent with intraarticular or high potency Topical Steroids

III. Management: Short Corticosteroid course

  1. Most diabetes patients do not require significant changes to regimen when on short courses of Corticosteroids
    1. Risk of Hypoglycemia as steroid is tapered outweighs benefit of transiently increased regimen
  2. Indications for closer monitoring and tighter Glucose management on Corticosteroids
    1. Type I Diabetes Mellitus
    2. Uncontrolled or poorly controlled Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  3. Approach while on Corticosteroids
    1. Check Glucose for symptomatic Hyperglycemia (Blurred Vision, Urinary Frequency)
    2. Contact medical provider for Glucose >400 mg/dl in Type 2 Diabetes, >250 mg/dl in Type 1 Diabetes
    3. Consider temporary basal Insulin dose increase (10-15%) for significant Hyperglycemia on Corticosteroids

IV. References

  1. (2018) Presc Lett 25(3)

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Ontology: Hyperglycemia steroid-induced (C0745098)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
English Hyperglycemia steroid-induced, steroid induced hyperglycemia, steroid-induced hyperglycemia, hyperglycaemia steroid-induced, Hyperglycaemia steroid-induced
Dutch hyperglykemie steroïd-geïnduceerd, hyperglykemie steroïdgeïnduceerd
French Hyperglycémie provoquée par les stéroïdes
German Hyperglykaemie, von Arzneimitteln verursacht, Hyperglykaemie, von Steroiden verursacht
Italian Iperglicemia da steroidi
Portuguese Hiperglicemia esteroidoinduzida
Spanish Hiperglicemia inducida por esteroides, Hiperglucemia inducida por esteroides
Japanese ステロイド誘発性高血糖, ステロイドユウハツセイコウケットウ
Czech Steroidy vyvolaná hyperglykemie
Hungarian Steroid-által kiváltott hyperglycaemia