II. Background

  1. Discovered in 1940's when investigating antibiotics

III. Mechanism

  1. Stimulates Potassium channel closure on pancreatic beta cell surface
  2. Results in Insulin release

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Ontology: Sulfonylurea Compounds (C0038766)

Definition (CSP) compounds of the type R-SO2-NHCONH-; when R=Ph, these are a group of hypoglycemic agents which enhance insulin secretion by beta cells and insulin sensitivity in target tissue, and so are effective in type II (noninsulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus.
Concepts Organic Chemical (T109) , Pharmacologic Substance (T121)
MSH D013453
SnomedCT 273950002, 34012005, 372711004, 259552008
LNC LP18787-9, MTHU005387
English Compounds, Sulfonylurea, SULFONYLUREA CPDS, Sulfonylurea and its derivs, Sulphonylurea and its derivs, sulfonylureas (medication), sulfonylureas, sulfonylurea compounds, oral hypoglycemics sulfonylureas, Sulfonylurea Compounds, Sulfonylurea Compounds [Chemical/Ingredient], sulphonylureas, sulphonylurea, Sulfonylurea, Sulfonylurea compounds, Sulfonylurea product, Sulphonylurea, Sulphonylurea compounds, Sulphonylurea product, Sulfonylurea and its derivatives, Sulphonylurea and its derivatives, Sulfonylurea (product), Sulfonylurea (substance), Sulfonylurea and its derivatives (substance), sulfonylurea, Sulfonylurea, NOS, Sulfonylurea [dup] (substance), Sulfonylureas
Swedish Sulfonylureaföreningar
Czech sulfonylmočovinové sloučeniny, glibornurid, sulfonylureové deriváty, sulfonylureové sloučeniny
Finnish Sulfonyyliurea
Polish Sulfonylomocznika związki
Portuguese Compostos de Sulfonilureia
Spanish sulfonilurea (producto), sulfonilurea (sustancia), sulfonilurea y derivados (sustancia), sulfonilurea y derivados, sulfonilurea, Compuestos de Sulfonilurea
French Sulfonylurées
German Sulfonylharnstoffverbindungen
Italian Derivati della solfonilurea