II. Dosing

  1. Chromium Picolinate 200-500 ug/day

III. Advantages

  1. Inexpensive: 4 cents per day
  2. Improves Insulin sensitivity
  3. Improves Lipid Metabolism

IV. Disadvantages

  1. Toxicity
  2. Weak agent compared with newer hypoglycemics

V. Indication

  1. Type II Diabetes Mellitus with other agents

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Ontology: CHROMIUM PICOLINATE (C0163657)

Definition (NCI) Chromium Piccolinate is a salt of the trace metallic element chromium (Cr), essential in glucose metabolism. Found in vitamins and mineral supplements, Chromium may be necessary for utilization of dietary sugars and carbohydrates by optimizing the effects of insulin. Animal studies suggest that chromium picolinate may be carcinogenic, it enters cells directly and can causes mutations. (NCI04)
Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121) , Organic Chemical (T109)
MSH C030614
SnomedCT 442428005
English CHROMIUM PICOLINATE, mineral supplements chromium picolinate, chromium picolinate (medication), Chromium Picolinate, Chromium picolinate (substance), Chromium picolinate, chromium picolinate
Spanish picolinato de cromo (sustancia), picolinato de cromo