II. Epidemiology

  1. Most common in over age 15 years

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Epidermal Cyst involving the scalp in 90% of cases
  2. Most common in areas of dense Hair Follicles

IV. Symptoms

  1. Asymptomatic in most cases
  2. No odor (unlike Epidermal Cysts)

V. Signs

  1. Well defined, scalp oval mass
  2. Scalp Cysts collect keratin of cheese consistency
  3. Multiple Scalp Cysts may coalesce
  4. May become inflamed if rupture occurs
  5. Often associated with overlying regions of Alopecia

VI. Management: Excision

  1. Complete excision in standard fashion
  2. See Minimal Epidermal Cyst Excision

VII. References

  1. Habif (1996) Clinical Dermatology, p. 644-5

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Ontology: Epithelial cyst (C0014511)

Definition (MSH) Intradermal or subcutaneous saclike structure, the wall of which is stratified epithelium containing keratohyalin granules.
Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
MSH D004814
ICD9 706.2
ICD10 L72.0 , K09.8, L72.3
SnomedCT 416292009, 419893006, 201231006, 390838001, 156420007, 87595009, 87373006, 254672005, 201324005, 390837006, 418323001, 399999000, 419603000, 419670003, 417992006, 418630001
English Wen, Cysts, Epidermal, Cysts, Epidermoid, Cysts, Sebaceous, Epidermal Cyst, Epidermal Cysts, Epidermoid Cyst, Epidermoid Cysts, Sebaceous Cyst, Sebaceous Cysts, Cyst, Epidermal, Cyst, Epidermoid, Cyst, Sebaceous, EPIDERMOID CYSTS, Epidermoid cysts, sebaceous cyst (diagnosis), sebaceous cyst, Cyst epidermal, Cyst sebaceous, Infundibular Cyst, Epidermal Cyst [Disease/Finding], sebaceous cysts, Cyst;epidermoid, Cyst;sebaceous, epidermal cyst, keratin cyst, cyst epithelial, epithelial cyst, cysts epithelial, cysts keratinous, epidermoid cysts, epidermal cysts, wen, wens, keratinous cyst, Epidermal cyst (disorder), Keratinising cyst, Keratinizing cyst, Keratinizing cyst (disorder), Epithelial cyst, cyst; epidermal, cyst; epithelial, cyst; sebaceous, epidermal; cyst, epithelial; cyst, sebaceous; cyst, Epidermal cyst, NOS, Epithelial cyst, NOS, Epithelial Cyst, Keratin Cyst, Keratinizing Cyst, Keratinous Cyst, epidermoid cyst, Epidermal cyst, Epidermoid cyst, Sebaceous cyst, Keratin cyst, Keratinous cyst, Epidermoid cyst (disorder), Sebaceous cyst (morphologic abnormality), Epidermoid cyst (morphologic abnormality), Epidermoid cyst of skin (disorder), Epidermoid cyst of skin, Keratinising cyst of skin, Keratinizing cyst (morphologic abnormality), Keratinizing cyst of skin (disorder), Keratinizing cyst of skin
Spanish quiste epidermoide (trastorno), quiste epidermoide, quiste sebáceo (anomalía morfológica), quiste sebáceo, quiste epidermoide (anomalía morfológica), quiste epidermoide cutáneo (trastorno), quiste epidermoide cutáneo, quiste queratinizante (anomalía morfológica), quiste queratinizante de la piel (trastorno), quiste queratinizante de la piel, Quiste sebáceo, Quiste epidérmico, Quiste epidermoide, quiste epidérmico, quiste epidérmico (trastorno), quiste epitelial, quiste de queratina, quiste epidermoideo, lupia, quiste queratinizante (trastorno), quiste queratinizante, Quiste Epidérmico, Quiste Epidermoide, Quiste Sebáceo
Dutch atheroomcyste, epidermale cyste, epidermoïde cyste, cyste; epidermaal, cyste; epitheliaal, cyste; talgklier, epidermaal; cyste, epitheliaal; cyste, talgklier; cyste, Atheroomcyste, Cyste, epidermaal, Epidermale cyste, Talgcyste, Epidermoïdcyste
German Zyste der Haut, Atherom, Talgdruesenzyste, Zyste der Talgdruese, Epidermalzyste, Epidermiszyste, Epidermoidzyste, Talgdrüsenzyste
Italian Cisti dell'epidermide, Cisti epidermoide, Cisti sebacea, Cisti epidermica
Portuguese Quisto sebáceo, Quisto epidermóide, Quisto epidérmico, Cisto Epidermoide, Cisto Epidérmico, Cisto Sebáceo
Japanese 脂腺嚢腫, シセンノウシュ, ヒョウヒノウホウ, ルイヒョウヒノウホウ, 外毛根鞘性嚢腫, 毛髪嚢腫, 皮脂嚢胞, 類表皮嚢胞, エピデルモイドシスト, 毛鞘嚢胞, 毛嚢胞, 外毛根鞘嚢腫, 上皮嚢胞, 外毛根鞘性嚢胞, 表皮嚢腫, 類表皮嚢腫, 粉瘤, 外毛根鞘嚢胞, 表皮のう胞, 表皮様嚢腫, 類上皮嚢腫, アテローム(粉瘤), 表皮嚢胞
Swedish Epidermoidcysta
Czech epidermální cysta, Epidermální cysta, Epidermoidní cysta, Mazová cysta, mazová cysta
Finnish Epidermaalikysta
Korean 표피낭
Polish Torbiel naskórkowa
Hungarian Cysta sebacea, Epidermoid cysta, Epidermalis hólyag, Sebaceus cysta, Epidermalis cysta
Norwegian Epidermoidcyste
French Kyste épidermique, Loupe, Kyste épidermoïde, Kyste sébacé

Ontology: Pilar cyst (C0086809)

Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
MSH D004814
ICD9 704.41
ICD10 L72.11
SnomedCT 390838001, 87373006, 201231006, 156420007, 254677004, 417992006, 419603000
English Cysts, Pilar, Pilar Cysts, Cyst, Pilar, pilar cyst, pilar cyst (diagnosis), pilar cysts, wen, cyst; pilar, pilar; cyst, Pilar cyst, Pilar Cyst, Wen
Dutch harige cyste, uitwas, cyste; haarwortel, haarwortel; cyste
French Kyste sébacé, Loupe, Kyste pilaire
German Haarzyste, Talgdruesenzyste, Haarbalgzyste
Italian Cisti sebacea, Cisti pilare
Portuguese Quisto pilar, Quisto sebáceo, Cisto Pilar
Spanish Lobanillo, Quiste piloso, Quiste Pilar, quiste pilar
Japanese 皮脂嚢腫, 皮脂嚢胞, ヒシノウホウ, ヒシノウシュ
Czech Tukový nádor, Dermální cysta, pilární cysta
Hungarian Cysta pilaris, Pilaris cysta
Norwegian Hårsekkcyste, Pilariscyste

Ontology: Trichilemmal cyst (C2266788)

Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
ICD9 704.42
ICD10 L72.1
SnomedCT 201232004, 201234003, 87373006, 254677004, 419093005
English Trichilemmal cysts, Trichilemmal cyst, Follicular isthmus cyst, Isthmus catagen cyst, Trichilemmal cyst (disorder), cyst; trichilemmal, trichilemmal; cyst, Trichilemmal cyst (morphologic abnormality)
German Trichilemmalzyste
Korean 모낭종
Spanish quiste tricolemal, quiste triquilémico, quiste triquilémico (anomalía morfológica), quiste tricolemal (anomalía morfológica), quiste tricolémico, quiste del istmo catágeno, quiste del istmo folicular, quiste triquilemal (trastorno), quiste triquilemal
Dutch cyste; tricholemmaal, tricholemmaal; cyste, Tricholemmale cyste