II. Epidemiology

  1. Incidence: 40-50% of newborns

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Superficial inclusion cysts due to retention of keratin (Keratin Cysts)

IV. Signs

  1. Flat, whitish Papules, 1-2 mm in diameter
  2. Distribution
    1. Face is most typical (Forehead, cheeks, nose, chin)
    2. Other areas: Upper trunk, extremities and penis
    3. Oral Mucosa (Epstein's Pearls)
  3. Timing
    1. Resolve spontaneously after 3-4 weeks

V. Management

  1. None needed
  2. Spontaneously resolve within first few months of life

VI. References

  1. Claudius and Behar in Herbert (2020) EM:Rap 20(8): 5-7

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Related Studies

Ontology: Closed comedone (disorder) (C0302302)

Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
SnomedCT 247468003
English comedones closed (whiteheads), closed comedones (physical finding), whiteheads, closed comedones, whitehead, Closed comedone (disorder), Whiteheads, Whitehead, Closed comedone
Czech Uzavřené komedo
Dutch witte mee-eters
French Milium
German Milia
Hungarian Fehér comedo
Italian Intervento di Whitehead
Japanese ハクショクメンポウ, 白色面皰
Spanish Miliar alba, comedón cerrado (trastorno), comedón cerrado
Portuguese Comedões fechados

Ontology: Milium Cyst (C0345996)

Definition (NCI) Small (one to two mm), firm, white cysts on the skin.(NICHD)
Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190) , Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 37719003, 254679001, 254683001
French MILIAIRE, Miliaire sudorale
English MILIA, milia (physical finding), milia, cysts milium, Milium cyst, Milium, Milia, Milial cyst, Subepidermal keratin cyst, Milia (disorder), Milial cyst (disorder), Milium (morphologic abnormality), milium, Milium Cyst
Italian Milii
Japanese 稗粒腫, ヒリュウシュ
Portuguese MILIA, Milia
Spanish MILIA, acné miliar, milio (anomalía morfológica), milio, milium (trastorno), milium, quiste de queratina subepidérmico, quiste miliar (trastorno), quiste miliar, Acné miliar
German MILIEN, Milien
Czech Milia
Hungarian Milia
Dutch milia

Ontology: Epstein's pearl (C2004597)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
ICD10 K09.8
SnomedCT 414116002, 333833009, 367465006, 957001
English Epithel pearls neonatal mouth, Epithelial pearls in neonatal mouth, Epstein pearls, Epstein's pearl of palate (diagnosis), Epstein's pearl cyst of mouth, the hard palate showed Epstein's pearls, Epstein's pearls, Epstein's pearls of hard palate, Epstein's pearls of hard palate (physical finding), Epstein pearl of palate, epstein's pearl, epstein's pearls, Epstein's pearl of mouth (disorder), Epstein; pearls, pearl; Epstein, pearls; Epstein, Epstein's pearl of palate (disorder), Epstein's pearl of palate, Epstein's pearl, Epstein's pearl of mouth
Dutch Epstein pearls, Epstein; parels, parel; Epstein, parels; Epstein
French Perles d'Epstein
German Epstein-Perlen
Italian Perle di Epstein
Portuguese Pérolas de Epstein
Spanish Perlas de Epstein, perla de Epstein de la boca (trastorno), perlas de Epstein, perlas de Epstein del recién nacido, perla de Epstein de la boca, perla de Epstein, perla palatina de Epstein (trastorno), perla palatina de Epstein
Japanese エプスタイン真珠, エプスタインシンジュ
Czech Epsteinovy perly (cysty dásní u novorozence)
Hungarian Epstein-gyönygyök