II. Etiology

III. Signs

  1. Teeth notched on biting surface
  2. Tooth sides taper
  3. Smaller than normal and more widely spaced
  4. Upper central incisors most often affected
  5. Permanent Teeth affected rather than deciduous teeth

IV. Differential Diagnosis

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Ontology: Hutchinson's Teeth (C0020186)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
MSH D013590
ICD10 A50.52
SnomedCT 86443005
English Hutchinson Teeth, Hutchinsons Teeth, Teeth, Hutchinson's, teeth malformed Hutchinson's teeth, Hutchinson's teeth (physical finding), Hutchinson's teeth were observed, Hutchinson teeth, hutchinson's incisors, hutchinson teeth, hutchinson's teeth, Notched incisors of Hutchinson, Hutchinson's teeth, Hutchinson's incisors, Screwdriver teeth, Hutchinson's teeth (disorder), Hutchinson; teeth or incisors, teeth; Hutchinson, Hutchinson's Teeth
German Hutchinson-Zaehne, Hutchinsonzähne
Japanese ハッチンソン歯芽, ハッチンソンシガ
Czech Hutchinsonovy zuby
Portuguese Dentes de Hutchinson
Spanish Dientes de Hutchinson, dientes de Hutchinson (trastorno), dientes de Hutchinson, dientes de destornillador, incisivo de Hutchinson, incisivos escotados de Hutchinson
French Dents de Hutchinson, Dent de Hutchinson
Hungarian Hutchinson-fogak
Italian Denti di Hutchinson
Norwegian Hutchinson-tenner
Dutch Hutchinson; tanden of snijtanden, tanden; Hutchinson, Hutchinson-tanden