II. Complications

  1. Immediate Periosteitis
    1. Initial post-Tooth Extraction pain due to socket inflammation
    2. Occurs in the first day after extraction and improves with NSAIDs
  2. Dry Socket (Alveolar Periostitis)
    1. Occurs in 5-20% of Tooth Extractions when blood clot is lost prematurely at the extraction site
    2. Onset 3-4 days after Tooth Extraction (delayed beyond typical post-extraction pain)
    3. Associated with halitosis and severe pain, not relieved with Acetaminophen and NSAIDS
    4. See Dry Socket for management
  3. Prolonged bleeding
    1. Apply direct pressure to area by biting on gauze or tea bag (Tranexamic Acid)
    2. Surgical Collagen foam may be used in refractory cases
      1. Insert foam in socket and Suture the socket closed over the top

III. References

  1. Broderick and Deak (2015) Crit Dec Emerg Med 29(1): 2-8

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Ontology: Tooth Extraction (C0040440)

Definition (NCI) The surgical removal of a tooth from its bony socket.
Definition (MSH) The surgical removal of a tooth. (Dorland, 28th ed)
Definition (CSP) surgical removal of a tooth.
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D014081
ICD9 23.1
ICD10 458
SnomedCT 173284006, 307290002, 149005001, 173290005, 149003008, 148999009, 55162003
English Extraction, Tooth, Extractions, Tooth, Tooth Extractions, Extraction of tooth, S/R - Surg removal of tooth, S/R - Surgical removal of tooth, SR - Surgical removal of tooth, Extraction of Tooth, Surgical extraction of tooth, Surgical removal of tooth NOS, Xsurg - Surg removal of tooth, Xsurg - Surgical removal of tooth, Tooth removal NOS, tooth extraction (treatment), Tooth extraction NOS, tooth extraction, tooth removal, dental extraction, Extraction;tooth/teeth, dental extractions, extraction of tooth, exodontia, extracted tooth, tooth extractions, Tooth removal NOS (procedure), Surgical removal of tooth NOS (procedure), Surgical removal of tooth (procedure), Extraction of tooth (procedure), Teeth--Extraction, Exodontia procedure, Extn - Extraction of tooth, Extract tooth, Removal of tooth, X - Extraction of tooth, Xtn - Extraction of tooth, Exodontia, Tooth extraction, Tooth extraction (procedure), Tooth extraction, NOS, Exodontia procedure, NOS, Tooth Extraction, Surgical removal of tooth, Extraction of tooth NOS, tooth/teeth extraction
Italian Estrazione dentaria, Estrazione dentaria NAS, Estrazione dentale
Dutch tandextractie NAO, tandextractie, Extractie, tabd-, Tandextractie
French Extraction dentaire SAI, Extraction de dent, Avulsion de dent, Avulsion dentaire, Extraction dentaire
German Zahnextraktion NNB, Extraktion, Zahn-, Zahnextraktion
Portuguese Extracção dentária NE, Extracção dentária, Extração Dentária
Spanish Extracción dental NEOM, Extracción Dental, extracción de un diente, extracción de diente (procedimiento), extracción dental (procedimiento), extracción de diente, extracción dental, extracción quirúrgica de diente, SAI (procedimiento), remoción quirúrgica de diente, extracción quirúrgica de diente, SAI, extracción dental, SAI, extracción dental, SAI (procedimiento), remoción quirúrgica de diente (procedimiento), extracción quirúrgica de diente, Tooth removal NOS, Extracción Dentaria, procedimiento de exodoncia, Extracción dental
Japanese 抜歯NOS, 抜歯, バッシ, バッシNOS
Swedish Tandutdragning
Finnish Hampaanpoisto
Czech Extrakce zubu, Extrakce zubu NOS, extrakce zubů, zuby - extrakce
Polish Usunięcie zęba, Ekstrakcja zęba
Hungarian Foghúzás, Foghúzás k.m.n.
Norwegian Tannuttrekking, Tannekstraksjon, Uttrekking av tenner