II. Definition

  1. Fibrous sac surrounding the heart and base of vena cava and aorta
  2. Normally contains up to 50 ml of serous fluid

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Ontology: Disorder of pericardium (C0265122)

Definition (MEDLINEPLUS)

The pericardium is a membrane, or sac, that surrounds your heart. It holds the heart in place and helps it work properly. Problems with the pericardium include:

  • Pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac. It can be from a virus or other infection, a heart attack, heart surgery, other medical conditions, injuries, and certain medicines.
  • Pericardial effusion, the buildup of fluid in the sac
  • Cardiac tamponade, a serious problem in which buildup of fluid in the sac causes problems with the function of the heart

Symptoms of pericardial problems include chest pain, rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing. Fever is a common symptom of acute pericarditis. Treatment depends on the cause.

NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 423.9
ICD10 I31.9
SnomedCT 55855009, 155341007, 266295005
English Unspecified disease of pericardium, Disease of pericardium, unspecified, Disease of pericardium, pericardial disease (diagnosis), pericardial disease, Disorder of pericardium, disorder of pericardium, disorder of pericardium (diagnosis), Pericardial disease NOS, pericardial diseases, Disease;pericardium, diseases pericardium, Pericardial disorders, Pericardial Disorders, Pericardial disease, Pericardial disorder, Disease of pericardium, NOS, Pericardial disorder, NOS, Disease of pericardium (disorder), Disorder of pericardium (disorder)
Italian Malattia del pericardio, Patologie del pericardio, Malattia non specificata del pericardio, Malattie del pericardio NAS
Dutch pericardaandoening NAO, pericardaandoening, niet-gespecificeerd, Ziekte van pericard, niet gespecificeerd, pericardaandoeningen, pericardaandoening
French Affection du péricarde SAI, Maladie non précisée du péricarde, Affection du péricarde, Troubles péricardiques
German Perikarderkrankung NNB, unspezifische Perikarderkrankung, Krankheit des Perikards, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Erkrankungen des Perikards, Perikarderkrankung
Portuguese Doença NE do pericárdio, Doença do pericárdio NE, Afecções do pericárdio, Doença do pericárdio
Spanish Enfermedad pericárdica NEOM, Enfermedad no especificada del pericardio, enfermedad del pericardio (trastorno), pericardiopatía, trastorno pericárdico, Enfermedad pericárdica, Trastornos pericárdicos, trastorno del pericardio (trastorno), trastorno del pericardio, enfermedad del pericardio
Japanese 心膜障害, 心膜疾患NOS, 心膜疾患, 詳細不明の心膜の疾患, シンマクショウガイ, シンマクシッカンNOS, シンマクシッカン, ショウサイフメイノシンマクノシッカン
Czech Onemocnění perikardu, Perikardiální poruchy, Perikardiální onemocnění NOS, Blíže neurčené onemocnění perikardu
Korean 상세불명의 심장막의 질환
Hungarian Pericardium nem meghatározott betegsége, Pericardialis betegség, Pericardialis betegségek, Pericardialis betegség k.m.n.